Product data cleansing for enterprise ecommerce

  • Correct errors, incomplete data, and spelling mistakes in product data
  • Fill in gaps in your product catalog
  • Normalize and standardize measurements and values on all your SKUs

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Your product data:
Clean, enriched, and designed for maximum findability

Product data is a big problem for digital commerce companies. It’s fragmented. It’s messy. It needs constant updating. Solving this problem usually takes months of manual work. Zoovu is here to change that. Zoovu is built for enterprise ecommerce teams looking to clean, enrich, and use their product data to create personalized buying experiences that drive sales today and customer loyalty forever.


Bring all your product data into one place

Ingest all your product data from spreadsheets, PDFs, product pages, PIMs, ERPs, and other places into Zoovu’s Data Platform so you can work from a single source of truth.
  • Centralize your product data in a couple of hours
  • Organize all your data into a single format
  • Set automatic updates for new and existing SKUs
 ingest product data

Bring order to catalog chaos in a few of clicks

Standardize your product data and eliminate inconsistencies, errors, and gaps.
  • Normalize values, like weight and currency
  • Correct spelling mistakes and other errors
  • Fill in gaps in product details
 clean product data

Enrich product data with new needs-based attributes for better findability

Use existing product specs and Zoovu’s AI to sort products into categories that match customer needs, like ‘portable’ and ‘good for small spaces.’ Use this enriched data to make your products easier to find for customers.
  • Personalize product recommendations
  • Create relations between compatible and similar products
  • Deliver dynamic search results
zoovu data enrichment

Maintain and update product data with almost zero manual work

Don't spend hours revising your catalogs and experiences when a product description changes, or a new SKU is added. Automatically update everything with a few clicks in Zoovu.
  • Update product attributes as you collect customer insights
  • Adjust search results and recommendations when product details change, like pricing
  • Add new products without having duplicate information
 maintain product data

Zoovu in action: How ecommerce brands are using enriched data
to create unrivaled customer experiences

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B/S/H Kitchen Planner
B/S/H enables customers to customize an entire kitchen with their Kitchen Planner experience.
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Under Armour Running Shoe Finder
Under Armour’s Running Shoe Finder guides customers to the perfect pair of shoes based on how and where they run.
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Microsoft Laptop Finder
Microsoft standardized online sales across 250+ distributors, generating a 30X return on investment.

A complete, end-to-end data management
platform for enterprise ecommerce

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With Zoovu
Without Zoovu With Zoovu

Use your product data to turn more visitors into
customers—wherever they're looking

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Instantly translate ecommerce experiences into any language so you can quickly scale them across regions.

Unit conversion

Accurately convert units within your product data, ensuring clarity and consistency for a global customer base.

Omnichannel sales

Replicate Zoovu experiences across sites, retailers, and in-store devices so you can maintain brand consistency and collect insights without bottlenecks.

Icon of a magnifying glass with ascending arrow going through
Semantic Search

Ensures your products are easily discoverable and relevant to customer queries, enhancing user experience and conversion rates.

Integrate Zoovu with your PIM, ERP, CRM, and
any other system you rely on

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Frequently asked questions

Ecommerce product data cleansing involves refining and organizing your product data to eliminate inconsistencies, improve readability, and ensure accurate and accessible customer information worldwide.

Zoovu’s Data Platform employs advanced AI technology to automatically identify and correct data inaccuracies.

Centralizing product data with Zoovu helps consolidate product information into a single source, streamlining SKUs for efficient management, and reducing the risk of human errors across borders and your distribution network.

Yes, Zoovu’s versatile data ingestion capabilities mean it can process product data regardless of its format, from spreadsheets to XML feeds, ensuring all relevant product data is consolidated, streamlined, and free from human-induced errors.

Zoovu’s platform automates labor-intensive data management tasks, saving time and ensuring your data management processes are up-to-date, streamlined, and scalable, catering to growing inventories and market expansions.

With a single line of code, Zoovu integrates with major ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, and more.

Better data, experiences, and intelligence drive better
outcomes every time.

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