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80% of buyers are unhappy with their ecommerce shopping experience

Customers face a lot of barriers when shopping online—products that look the same, search that doesn’t work, and specs that are too technical to understand. That’s why thousands of people visit your ecommerce site every day to buy something and don't.

Here's how Zoovu is changing that:
Product Finder

Personalized tool and equipment recommendations

Zoovu improves product discovery for tools and equipment so your customers can find the right drill, power saw, or industrial part for their project. Build product finders that ask needs-based questions, then recommend the perfect products so you can increase everything from conversion rates to customer satisfaction.
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Intelligent Search

Intelligent search that knows exactly what customers are looking for

Use natural language processing for unmatched search accuracy. Customers can find exactly what they need, no matter what they search for, from SKU numbers to compatibility-based searches, so you can streamline the path to purchase and improve brand loyalty.
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Visual product configurator

Interactive 3D product configurations

Your customers can configure and bundle products, finding compatible parts and customizing it all so they don't need to guess which products go together. This interactive experience increases engagement and average cart value from simple visual bundling.
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Zero Party Data

Understand what drives decisions in tool selection

Collect and analyze direct customer feedback through interactive experiences to understand preferences and buying behaviors. These insights allow brands like 3M, DeWalt, and Craftsman to refine product offerings and marketing strategies, ensuring they meet market demands efficiently.
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Zoovu success stories for tool and equipment brands

How some of the top tool and equipment brands in the world used Zoovu's product discovery experiences, ecommerce integrations, and expert support to improve the customer experience and boost everything from conversions to return rates.

  • Ingersoll Rand

    Parts Finder Assistant

    Ingersoll Rand's Parts Finder Assistant helps customers find OEM compressor parts, fittings and accessories to suit their exact compressor.

    Ingersoll tools and equipment
  • Gardena

    Robotic Lawnmower Advisor

    Gardena's Robotic Lawnmower Advisor guides you through a curated selection of lawnmowers, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your lawn based on size, and smart home capability.

    Gardena tools and equipment
  • DeWalt

    Cordless Configurator

    DeWalt empowers customers to visually build their toolset while maintaining a simple checkout process through Amazon.

    DeWalt tools and equipment
  • 3M

    3M Hearing Advisor

    3M streamlined the buying process so buyers can identify and purchase crucial products without relying on 1:1 interaction with a sales rep. By leveraging Zoovu's semantic content enrichment capabilities, buyers understand different SKUs and find the right products based on usage and risk management.

    3M tools and equipment

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