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Transform the complexity of B2B sales into a strategic advantage through AI-powered buying experiences.

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Eliminate Product Data Errors Once and for All 

Product data inconsistency isn't just a headache; it can hurt customer trust and your brand's reputation. But managing a catalog of suppliers, products, and location-specific pricing through manual processes means these mistakes are sure to repeat.

Zoovu's AI-powered platform is here to help. It automates the complexity of your data by consolidating, cleansing, and enriching information from different suppliers. No more mistakes. You keep current customers happy and loyal while creating the reliable data foundation necessary to power your ecommerce for future growth. 

Transform Tedious Tasks into Automations

Embrace efficiency with Zoovu. Connect and integrate product data in multiple formats like PDFs, CSVs, and XLSXs. Zoovu automates standardizing, cleaning and semantically enriching product data, eliminating inconsistencies, duplicates, and irrelevant values. This provides you with the necessary foundation to enhance the discoverability of your products and offer profitable ecommerce experiences
  • Replace time-consuming manual processes with efficient automation
  • Eliminate product data inconsistencies
  • Future proof data and build ecommerce experiences that drive sales

Search That Understands

Traditional search engines often miss the mark, relying on simple text matches and ignoring customer intent. Zoovu’s Intelligent Search takes an entirely different approach. Using AI, it breaks down each query to grasp exactly what customers are looking for, whether it's products, guides, manuals, or spec sheets. The result? A streamlined buying experience, ensuring customers find what they need quickly, enhancing satisfaction, and driving increased sales.
  • Find products effortlessly, regardless of file types
  • Supports natural-language search
  • Understand context and meaning of search terms to deliver accurate results
  • Recognize synonyms for accurate results

Accelerate B2B Sales

Help buyers discover the right products without having to sift through dozens of pages. Zoovu’s Guided Selling Assistants digitize your top salesperson to provide personalized recommendations at scale. Through AI-powered, needs-based questioning, Zoovu adapts product suggestions to individual buyer needs, translating complex specifications into clear, actionable recommendations.
  • Connect buyers with products faster
  • Make recommendations relevant
  • Simplify purchase decisions
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Maximize Transactions Through Customer-Centric Experiences

Leverage the power of zero-party data obtained from customer-focused experiences with Zoovu. By understanding your customers’ needs and connecting them with your products, you can uncover valuable cross-sell and upsell opportunities tailored to their preferences. Help them create  a bill-of-material (BOM) specific to their requirements without having to scroll through dozens of product pages, and position yourself as the business that simplifies buying.

  • Unlock Upselling & Cross-selling Potential
  • Fine-tuned recommendations for maximized conversions
  • Maximize average order values

Understand What your Customers Want

Dive into the psychology of your customers buying decisions to truly understand their needs and preferences.

Zoovu not only captures buying patterns and historical trends, but it also uncovers the ‘why’ behind each purchase.

  • Uncover trends and triggers that lead to conversions
  • Discover what product features resonate with different customer segments
  • Leverage zero-party data to create new product development and marketing strategies

Better data, experiences, and intelligence drive better
outcomes every time.

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CRO Optimization
CRO Optimization

Leverage AI to optimize the conversion experience. Automate recommendations, bundling, and grow online sales.

Automate Translations
Automate Translations

Broaden your distribution reach with auto-translated online experiences, enabling global market penetration

Ad Spend Effectiveness
Ad Spend Effectiveness

Direct high-intent buyers to the right products faster and create positive brand experiences.

Powerful Integration. Seamless Experience.

Zoovu's Product Discovery Platform integrates with WooCommerce, Magento, Big Commerce, Shopify, and more.
Effortlessly connect with your CMS, ERP, and PIM.

Guided Selling

Create guided shopping experiences that engage, educate, and cross-sell buyers with a no-code, AI-powered assistant.
Guided Selling Assistants
guided selling

Visual Configuration

Push the limits of digital customization.

Empower your buyers to make choices with simple selections that help them customize or personalize your products to their liking.
Visual Configurators

Intelligent Search

Let buyers find what they want, not just what they type.

Take the keyword guessing game out of the buyer’s journey with a search experience that understands every query and surfaces the most relevant product.
Intelligent Search
intelligent search

Product Data Enrichment

Say goodbye to siloed and unstructured data

Cleanse, enrich, and add contextual meaning to your product data at the click of a button.
Product Enrichment
data enrichment

Join the leading companies already using Zoovu and
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