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About Bosch Power Tools

The Power Tools division of the Bosch Group is the world market leader for portable electric power tools and power tool accessories.

The Challenge

Simplify purchasing power tools and accessories for customers

Bosch Power Tools recognized three significant challenges associated with purchasing power tools and accessories online:

  1. an extensive product portfolio made it hard for customers to find the right products for their jobs and needs;
  2. the amount of options and nuances associated with accessories is complex and difficult to narrow down to what is best for a particular job, even if the customer knew what type they may need;
  3. providing the best user guidance to their customers was paramount no matter where they purchased from.

The imperative to transform their digital customer experience was clear.

"We need to offer the best CX possible wherever our customers engage with us – and making discovering the right products seamless and straight forward is critical as a business today. Customers should feel that Bosch cares about them…it's how we set ourselves apart and develop an authentic, customer-first relationship with our customers."

The Solution

Provide the best user guidance to customers

Bosch Power Tools uses Zoovu's Semantic Studio to turn complex technical product specifications into a customer-centric language. This removes time-consuming product data management tasks and provides Bosch with the necessary foundation for building effective product discovery experiences that guide and support buyers.

Bosch was able to quickly build AI assistants that use a few simple questions to guide buyers to the right power tools and accessories for their specific needs and applications. In order to expand their best-in-class user guidance to retail partners, the manufacturer has successfully deployed their Bosch Accessory Advisor and other discovery experiences in over 36 of its key markets.

"Simplification is one of our key strategic pillars. Whenever we can use technology to achieve this goal, we do it. The Bosch Accessory Advisor built with Zoovu simplifies the user journey."