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How Trek Bicycle doubled conversions by engaging shoppers with Zoovu

higher conversion rate
with Zoovu
of all site traffic
uses the assistants
3.5 min
increased average
site duration

"Buying decisions often happen online before a person ever walks through a retailer’s door. Brands need to provide the right product information and digital solutions that help customers make these decisions online."
Dean Gore, VP of Marketing, Trek



Founded in a barn in Wisconsin in 1976, Trek is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bicycles and cycling products.


The challenge

Choosing the ideal bicycle from more than 300 options is no easy task, especially for a novice rider. The challenge for Trek was educating consumers and increasing their confidence so that they could find the right bike, regardless of their level of knowledge and experience. 


The solution

Trek decided to build an interactive Bike Finder using Zoovu’s digital assistant. The Bike Finder leads customers through a series of carefully chosen questions before matching them with the perfect bicycle.


Click on the image to see a live example:





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