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LUNA Sandals helps shoppers find exactly what they need

of digital assistant users make a purchase
7 days
from set-up to go-live

"Before the digital assistant, we had customers calling for advice on the best product for their needs. After implementation we not only saw the number of calls diminish, but those who did call were far better prepared which saved our team a huge amount of time."
Liv McDonald, CEO, LUNA Sandals




LUNA Sandals is a Seattle-based manufacturer of handcrafted adventure sandals and has become the chosen sandal for barefoot runners.


The challenge

Most LUNA Sandals shoppers didn’t know enough about the product to make confident purchase decisions and were in need of personalized guidance. The problem compounded as LUNA Sandals started to expand their product range. The growing selection was becoming overwhelming. 


The solution

Using Zoovu’s AI conversational commerce platform, LUNA created and launched an intelligent, dialogue-based solution, freeing up customer service resources significantly, while maintaining high customer satisfaction levels.


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