LUNA Sandals converts 40% of users with product discovery experiences



of conversational assistant users make a purchase


of all website visitors using product discovery experience


days to build and launch experience

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Luna Sandals case study
About Luna Sandals

LUNA Sandals is a Seattle-based manufacturer of first of its kind handcrafted adventure sandals and has become the chosen sandal for barefoot runners.

The Challenge

Confused shoppers and an overwhelmed customer support team impact ecommerce success

With an expanding product range, LUNA Sandals realized that it confused potential customers, leading to higher drop-off rates and lost sales opportunities. LUNA Sandals understood that they needed to provide online customers with a self-service solution that would educate them and help them choose the perfect product for their needs, without increasing customer service costs or the time employees spent offering advice over the phone or via e-mail.

"We had a comparison chart that was basically an Excel spreadsheet. It worked well for staff offering advice, but for consumers unfamiliar with our brand, it was just a confusing mass of statistics."

The Solution

Reduce customer service costs without compromising quality by implementing Zoovu

It only took 7 days for the LUNA marketing team to launch their conversational assistant. Integrating the conversational assistant on the LUNA Sandals website cut down staff time spent advising customers over the phone. LUNA Sandals also saw an increase in conversions and sales. The digital assistant helps direct 40% of paying consumers to the perfect sandals for their needs.

"We owe it to our customers to offer thoughtful simplicity and ease of use. Zoovu allows us to focus on each customer and truly understand their needs to simplify the decision-making process for them. This helps us increase confidence in the choices made."