Sell more products, more often, to more people

Ditch generic recommendations and stop spending hours updating spreadsheets row by row with Zoovu’s AI-powered product bundling. Connect customers with products they want and need to boost average order value and reduce returns.

See how to create a cross-sell strategy no competitor can match
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Helping create exceptional ecommerce experiences for exceptional brands

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Perfectly match your customers to the right product bundles and recommendations from thousands of SKUs—no guesswork or manual mapping required


Automatically upload, clean, and enrich product data in Zoovu’s Data Platform.


Categorize or segment your SKUs into product groups.


Create dynamic product relationships using a simple visual editor and rules-based modelling. Show compatible and/or alternative products.


Use one line of code to add personalized cross-sell and upsell recommendations to PDPs, search results, check-out pages, and other areas.


Manage and update rules and relations in a few clicks, and automatically apply changes to your catalog and experiences in real-time for accuracy and scale.

Out: Generic recommendations, incompatible bundles, and missed sales In: Personalized suggestions, exact product fits, and higher AOV

Increase cart size

Increase cart size by helping customers find products that go perfectly together as they’re shopping

Boost AOV

Boost AOV by showing customers products with a higher value than the one they’re looking at

Raise customer satisfaction

Raise customer satisfaction by using digital assistants to suggest ultra-relevant products to complement purchases

Promote at check-out

Use accurate product recommendations to promote items at check-out so you can sell more while making sure customers love everything they’ve purchased

Cut bounce rates

Cut bounce rates and give customers an experience worth coming back customer for by embedding product recommendations in search results
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dynamic bundling
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Increase sales

Increase sales and buyer confidence by recommending compatible products in real-time, either on PDPs or in configurators

Shorten sales cycles

Shorten sales cycles by helping customers and salespeople find products that fit together without looking through complex filters or searching massive catalogs

Simplify configurations

Set up ultra-precise rules for products so everything a customer buys is compatible, and you don’t have to make constant manually updates when products are added

Help buyers find everything

Help buyers find everything they’re looking for in one search by adding product recommendations to search results

Recommend complimentary products

Recommend complimentary products when buyers view their carts, so they never miss a critical part of their order
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 build better bundles
 connect your data
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More zero-party data means zero guesses about what your customers want

See your best bundles

View which products are most often bought together

Find out what drives sales

Understand which product combinations increase AOV most

Understand who buys what

Use data from digital assistants to see how different personas create bundles

Integrate Zoovu with your PIM, ERP, CRM, and
any other system you rely on

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