Turn choices into chosen with personalized product recommendations

Ask customers about their needs and preferences, then guide them to the perfect product based on their answers. Increase conversions, AOV, and customer loyalty in a single interaction.

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89% of consumers struggle to find the right product online. It’s time that changed

Create AI-powered personalized shopping experiences that recommend the perfect product to customers, tells them why it’s a perfect fit, and answers all their questions

Offer intelligent product recommendations that drive ROI

Build and launch interactive and personalized product finders, quizzes, and digital shopping assistants with Zoovu’s no-code solution
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • User-friendly management
  • Mobile-ready designs and themes
  • Flow optimization with AI
  • Multivariate testing
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Use AI to make your product data cleaner, organized, and more discoverable

Tag products with language your customers use to find them, like 'portable' or 'budget-friendly'. Segment products by tags, brand, availability, and more, then create relations between products for cross-selling.
  • Collect product data from PIMs, PDPs, and more
  • Find and fix errors in product data
  • Enrich product data with needs-based attributes
zoovu data enrichment

Capture leads and sales across all your channels

Put your personalized recommendation engine anywhere you sell, including your store, retailer sites, and in-store kiosks. Translate experiences in any language so you can connect every customer with the best product.
  • Omnichannel management
  • Lead capture integration
  • Sale staff enablement
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Use customer data to personalize recommendations, merchandising, and bundles

Collect zero-party data to recommend products and bundles, customize search results, and spot trends in customer behavior.
  • Create dynamic and customized search results and recommendations
  • Increase average order value by highlighting relevant bundles and similar products
  • See what made different groups of customers buy or not buy a product
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Zoovu in action: Trek Bicycle Finder drives triple-digit increase in sales

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With over 300 models and thousands of variations and configurations, Trek faced the challenge of guiding customers through the selection process—which was especially difficult for novice riders. The complexity of choice was overwhelming customers, leading to indecision and lost sales.


Trek streamlined the bicycle selection process with Zoovu’s ecommerce personalization platform. Trek leveraged an AI-driven Q&A flow to create a web-based bike finder, making it effortless for customers to find their ideal bicycle. The seamless integration with Trek's website ensured a branded, easy-to-use experience for the customer.

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Frequently asked questions

Our platform uses AI to analyze zero-party data and match customers to products based on their needs. This information powers the real-time, personalized results that appear in the product recommendation system.

Product suggestions based on individual interests best serve customer needs and boost satisfaction. These relevant recommendations create an enjoyable customer journey where shoppers are more likely to purchase from your online store.

Yes, Zoovu can personalize and streamline the buying experience, even for users who do not log in. By leveraging in-session behavior and zero-party data, Zoovu understands user intentions and preferences, delivering personalized experiences.

Zoovu offers a range of personalization features to support the sales process, including artificial intelligence and machine learning-driven product recommendations, dynamic search personalization, collaborative filtering, zero-party data collection, CPQ options.

By providing highly relevant content, detailed information, recommendations, and search results pages, Zoovu helps customers find what they’re looking for more quickly and easily anywhere, from the web to mobile devices, significantly improving the likelihood of purchase and boosting conversion rates.

Yes, Zoovu is designed to integrate seamlessly with most ecommerce stores and platforms. Our API-first, headless architecture allows flexible implementation and customization to fit your specific needs and tech stack.

Zoovu collects zero-party data directly from customers through interactive experiences, such as quizzes or surveys. This data is then used to personalize shopping experiences, making recommendations and content more relevant to customer requirements and preferences.

Absolutely. Zoovu’s ecommerce personalization platform is designed to cater to both B2B and B2C sectors, offering scalable solutions that can be tailored to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of each, from configurable products to quote generation and beyond.

While results can vary, many clients see improvements in engagement, customer satisfaction, and conversion rates within a few weeks of implementing Zoovu’s personalized experiences.

Getting started with Zoovu is easy. Simply request a demo, and our team will guide you through the process, from integration to launching your first personalized experiences.

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