Clean, standardize, and enrich all your product data—no matter how messy it is

The Zoovu Data Platform helps ecommerce companies:

  • Collect data from anywhere, like PIMs, webpages, and PDFs
  • Clean and standardize all values
  • Translate technical specs into words customers use to shop
  • Create relations between similar and compatible products
  • Automate everything so you don't have to spend months on it

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Helping the world’s biggest brands get better product data, faster

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Solve the problems with your product data without spending months and millions on it

Without Zoovu
With Zoovu
Without Zoovu With Zoovu

See the playbook at Microsoft, Canon, 3M, Straumann, and others used to clean and enrich product data

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Product data is overly technical. It's constantly changing. And it's stopping brands from helping their customers. Zoovu solves this problem.

We help ecommerce teams ingest, clean, and enrich product data, no matter the size of your catalog. Then transform it into ecommerce experiences customers love without hiring a single extra person.


Collect and normalize product data from any source

Gather product data from PDFs, CSVs, webpages, reviews, and other sources in one place. Use AI to scan all this information, organize it, spot gaps, and fill them in.

Zoovu processes data on 57 million products for customers every day

 ingest product data

Automatically fix errors in your product data and standardize values

Use AI to correct spelling mistakes and convert multiple products into a single way to describe products. For example, standardize the currency for products or the way they're measured.

Zoovu powers over 10,000 ecommerce experiences for customers

 clean product data

Turn product specs into language that helps customers buy the best product for them

Use AI data enrichment to turn specs into descriptions that customers can understand quickly and clearly, like which couches are good for small spaces or what shoes are good for trail runs. It also makes associations between compatible or complementary products to increase configuration and cross-selling.

Zoovu drives over 1.6 million engagements for customers every month

 make products discoverable

Add and change product data in seconds without manually updating all your catalogs and experiences

Don't spend hours revising your catalogs and experiences when a product description changes or a new SKU is added. Use Zoovu's AI to automatically update everything with a few clicks.
 maintain product data

Find out how you can turn your product data into exceptional experiences that drive higher conversions, more sales, and lower returns

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AI that thinks like your customer

Zoovu allows you to train its AI on your product data in different ways so you can guide customers to products that fit them best. Think of it like the world’s best salesperson who reads everything about your products and instantly knows the best way to sell them.

feature based training
Feature-based training

Train the AI with sample product groups so it can automatically classify similar products based on their attributes.

description based training
Description-based training

Use AI to look at all your product descriptions and marketing copy to enrich product data with conversational language.

revision based training
Review-based training

Scrape customer-generated content and use it to train the AI to classify products based on customer preferences.

generative AI classification
Generative AI Classification

Use generative AI and LLMs to automatically classify, score, and describe products based on all the data you collect.

The world's biggest brands use Zoovu to boost engagement, conversions, and sales

  • Increase AOV

    65% increase in AOV

    KitchenAid launched guided selling assistants and product bundlers to make customers aware of their full product range, helping the brand boost AOV by 65%

    KitchenAid product configurator
  • Increase sales

    6x increase in sales value

    B/S/H created over 800 experiences with Zoovu across all its channels and regions, which helped drive a 6x increase in the average customer spend.

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  • Increase sales

    60% increase in sales

    Einhell used Zoovu to simplify overly technical specs and guide customers to the products they needed, which helped the company increase sales by 60% in just three months.

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Give customers a hyper-personalized shopping experience while staying compliant, accessible, and secure

GDPR compliant
Comply with GDPR

Zoovu is GDPR compliant so your customers’ data is private and secure

WCAG and ADA compliant
Build for WCAG and ADA requirements

Zoovu’s design tools allow you to build assistants that align with accessibility regulations

Secure your data with SOC 2 Type 2

Zoovu is SOC 2 Type 2 certified so you can be certain that your data is protected

Integrate Zoovu with your PIM, ERP, CRM, and
any other system you rely on

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Product overview

Conversation Studio

Generate personalized product recommendations
Ask customers a series of questions and give personalized product recommendations based on their needs and preferences.

Configuration Studio

Build visual product configurators
Allow customers to use drag and drop tools to quickly and visually build perfect product bundles from 1000s of options.

Search Studio

Power site search with AI
Deliver more accurate and relevant search results so customers can find products faster and easier.

Advisor Studio

Connect customers with a personal product advisor
Give customers access to Zoe, a generative AI shopping assistant powered by Zoovu Advisor Studio. Create personalized product descriptions and answer customer questions in real-time to help buyers click ‘add to cart’ with confidence.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Enriching product data involves enhancing existing product information with additional relevant details, such as adding more comprehensive descriptions or attributes. Enriching product data improves the quality and value of it, making it more useful for everything from analysis to building better customer experiences.

Imagine you hire a salesperson. They’re handed a catalog with all your products and their technical descriptions. They read the catalog and do some of their own research. They watch videos, read marketing material, and look at reviews. Using this information, they’re able to understand which customers match with certain products based on their needs and preferences. The process this salesperson went through is data enrichment. It’s the same process that Zoovu’s AI Data Platform goes through to enrich your product data.

Many PIMs are great at what they’re designed to do. But they’re designed for something very specific, which is to manage product data. This has two limitations.

The first is that the quality of product data is the result of too many people and too few people at the same time. There are so many people inputting data, which can make it inconsistent and full of errors. And there are too few people reviewing this messy and correcting it. This means that data in PIMs is often not as clean as you need it to be.

The second limitation is that the product data in a PIM system can’t be actively enriched and used to build ecommerce experiences.

Zoovu removes both limits. It automatically cleans, standardizes, and enriches product data so you don’t need to worry about how messy it is to begin or how many resources you have. It also makes this data usable for building everything from product finders to product configurators from one central platform. Lastly, it can sync product data back to your PIM, so you don’t need to worry about different data in each system or having to manually update both systems.

This depends on a few factors:

  • How much data there is
  • How complex your data is
  • How fragmented the data is
  • The quality of the data
  • What you want to do with the data
  • The more dispersed, complex, and inconsistent your data is, the longer it will take to collect, clean, and enrich it. However, it can take as little as an hour to go through this process if you have a clear vision of how to use your data, know where to look for it, and how you want to use it.

Security is our first priority when it comes to your data and the data of your customers. Zoovu is Soc 2 Type 2 certified, the most globally recognized and stringent certification when it comes to securely managing customer data. All data provided by your customers is anonymous to Zoovu—we don’t have access to any data about an individual that interacts with a Zoovu guided selling assistant, meaning your customers are guaranteed privacy. Zoovu is also GDPR compliant.

Yes, Zoovu can integrate with almost any system your business relies on, including PIMs, ERPs, and CRMs. For a list of systems we commonly integrate with, visit our integrations page.

Better data, experiences, and intelligence drive better
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