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80% of buyers are unhappy with their ecommerce shopping experience

Customers face a lot of barriers when shopping online—products that look the same, search that doesn’t work, and specs that are too technical to understand. That’s why thousands of people visit your ecommerce site every day to buy something and don't.

Here's how Zoovu is changing that:
Product Finder

Match every customer with personalized product recommendations

Build product finders that ask customers about their needs, preferences, and how they'll use equipment, and use this information to recommend gear. Increase conversions while cutting return rates with products that perfectly match your customers' lifestyles.
 product finder sports recreation
Intelligent Search

Search that knows exactly what customers are looking for

Use natural language processing to guide your customers to products they're looking for, whether they're new to an activity or a hard-core enthusiast. Deliver the most accurate results with search that understands which product fits whatever your customer types in, from 'breathable hiking jackets' to 'waterproof shoes for trail running.' Fast-track product discovery and turn more browsers into buyers.
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Visual Product Configurator

Configurators that bundle, upsell and cross-sell

Enable customers to visualize and customize product bundles with configurators that only show ultra-relevant and compatible gear. Help shoppers choose the perfect tent and sleeping bag combo, customize their racing bike, and so much more. Transform customers into fans and boost average order value at the same time.
 product configurator sports recreation
Zero Party Data

Understand what drives your customers' buying decisions

Collect and analyze zero-party data to uncover what features are most important to your customers and why they choose certain products. This valuable insight, accessible on a single dashboard, empowers brands to refine product offerings, marketing strategies, and inventory decisions, ensuring that the gear offered meets the evolving needs of the market.
 zero party data sports recreation

Zoovu success stories for sports, recreation, and outdoor brands

How some of the top sports, recreation, and outdoor brands in the world used Zoovu's product discovery experiences, ecommerce integrations, and expert support to improve the customer experience and boost everything from conversions to return rates

  • Dick's Sporting Goods

    Golf Wedge Selector

    Dick’s Wedge Selector assistant helps match customers with the right product based on their unique needs, skill-level, and environment. Customers are provided with recommendations for numerous golf clubs to complete their golf bag.

    Dick's sporting good
  • Trek

    Trek Bike Finder

    Choosing the ideal bicycle from more than 300 options and thousands of more variations is no easy task, especially for novices. To match customers with their perfect bikes, Trek used Zoovu's AI-driven question-and-answer flow.

  • Under Armour

    Running Shoe Finder

    Under Armour's Running Shoe Finder guides you through a curated selection of shoes, ensuring you find the ideal pair based on how and where you run.

    Under Armour
  • Columbia

    Jacket Finder

    Columbia simplifies the journey to finding your ideal jacket. By identifying your must-have features, they guide you to jackets that encompass all your outdoor requirements.

    Columbia sports

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