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Zoovu helps consumer electronics companies turn browsers into buyers and buyers into fans with AI-powered product discovery.

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80% of buyers are unhappy with their ecommerce shopping experience

Customers face a lot of barriers when shopping online—products that look the same, search that doesn't work, and specs that are too technical to understand. That's why thousands of people visit your ecommerce site every day to buy something and don't.

Here's how Zoovu is changing that:
Product Recommendation Engine

Personalize product recommendations for customer needs

Every customer is different, which makes filters and generic product recommendations a poor experience for customers and ineffective for you. That's why Zoovu's AI-driven platform offers customized product recommendations that align with the needs of individual customers and guide them to the perfect fit.
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Multichannel Selling

Amplify your retail impact

Stand out among competitors and gain direct insights into your customers' buying behavior across all your channels. Zoovu's scalable product discovery solutions give your customers an easier way to find products that fit them perfectly, no matter where you sell, from ecommerce sites to retail partners, and even in-store.
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Visual Product Configurator

Visual customization and bundling

Enable customers to effortlessly design, bundle, and purchase your products in one integrated experience. From finding compatible add-ons and accessories to designing entire entertainment systems, Zoovu simplifies the path to purchase.
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Zero Party Data

Discover what features customers look for most

Collect zero-party data from interactive product experiences and get actionable insights on a single dashboard so you can make more informed decisions.
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Success with consumer electronics brands

See how some of the top consumer electronics brands in the world used Zoovu's product discovery experiences, ecommerce integrations, and expert support to improve the customer experience and boost everything from conversions to return rates.

  • +53% increase in conversion

    Canon Lens Selection Tool

    Canon streamlines the camera selection process to help customers choose the right gear for their shooting style. Over 67% of customers that use this experience visit recommended product pages.

    "We needed a solution which presented the entire range Canon produced within a category but could accurately lead a customer to the right choice. Zoovu helps us do that."

    Canon consumer electronics
  • 90% increase in engagement

    Microsoft PC Finder

    Microsoft standardized online sales across 250+ of distributors, generating a 30X return on investment.

    "With Zoovu, we drive revenue and solidify our market position as easy to work and to buy from."

    Microsoft consumer electronics
  • 20% increase in AOV

    "Help Me Choose" Product Experience

    With a "Help Me Choose" product experience, Pure Electric saw inquiries to customer service drop, average order value increase by 20%, and a 200% boost in conversion.

    "Seeing our average order value increase by 20%, tells us that the customer opts for the best fit rather than the cheapest model. This is a stand-out metric for us. Zoovu'ss driving that."

    Pure Electric case study
  • 36+ countries deployed

    Bosch Accessory Advisor

    Connecting 10K+ products and accessories through 46 ecommerce experiences, Bosch improved engagement and conversions in over 36 countries.

    "Simplification is one of our key strategic pillars. Whenever we can use technology to achieve this goal, we do it. The Bosch Accessory Advisor built with Zoovu simplifies the user journey."

    Bosch consumer electronics

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