The solutions and data ecommerce teams need to connect people with the right products

Zoovu helps you sell more, in more places, more often by:

  • Creating hyper-personalized experiences for customers
  • Cleaning, enriching, and managing product data
  • Collecting insights on buyer behavior

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Powering product discovery for the world's most trusted companies

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Create ecommerce experiences that guide customers to the perfect product so you can hit your sales targets every quarter


Generate personalized product recommendations that drive higher conversions

Trek boosted conversions by 200% with Zoovu's guided selling assistants.

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conversation studio overview
guide customers
Build beautiful selling assistants and optimize them with AI—no coding required

Use pre-built templates and drag-and-drop functionality to create assistants that guide customers to the perfect product, then let AI optimize these guides to boost engagement.

guide customers
Guide customers to their perfect fit with personalized product recommendations

Use AI to search your entire catalogue and find the best products for a customer, then highlight the attributes that make a recommended product the best choice.

more channel
Sell more on more channels and in more regions

Translate and syndicate assistants in minutes to quickly scale across channels and regions while maintaining brand consistency and tracking key insights.

collect zero-party data
Collect more zero-party data on customer needs and behavior

Use dashboards and pre-built reports to analyze, act on, and share everything you learn about customers from each assistant, then A/B test to drive more conversions.


Build visual product configurators that boost AOV

KitchenAid increased AOV by 65% with Zoovu's configurators.

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configuration studio overview
quickly cpq
Allow customers to configure products and bundles with drag and drop functionality

Create 2D and 3D configurators that help customers bundle products in seconds so you can cross-sell and upsell at scale.

quickly cpq
Quickly and accurately configure pricing and quotes for complex orders

Use configurators to build product bundles and pricing in minutes in consultation with buyers so you can increase sales velocity.

embed lead generation
Embed lead generation forms on configurators to fuel marketing campaigns

Allow buyers to save their configurations so you can collect lead information, follow up with them, and have hyper-targeted conversations that boost conversion rates.

see what customer buy
See what customers are buying most across your channels

Syndicate configurators to multiple sites, retailers, and on in-store devices so you can engage more customers and see what products are purchased together most.


Connect all your customers with Zoe, their own personal product advisor

Zoe is helping Microsoft increase conversion rates by up to 18%

See how Zoe can help you fuel more sales at scale
advisor studio product
Create personalized product descriptions in seconds

Zoe generates personalized product descriptions and explains why the product is a perfect match for each customer.

Answer any question a customer has about a product

Zoe answers customer questions in real-time, helping you eliminate FAQs, unreliable chatbots, and second-guessing.

Convert technical product specification into personalized descriptions

Zoe uses the information it knows about the person viewing a product detail page to create personalized specifications.

Get data on what customers are looking for in your products

Zoe captures all questions people ask about products so you can understand the features and factors each customer segment cares about most.


Deliver more accurate and relevant search results to boost sales

Search Studio has helped companies reduce bounce rates by 38% and increase AOV by 47%.

Learn more about how to improve the search experiences for your customers
search studio overview
customize search
Guide customers to the products they're looking for on their first search

Use AI to translate product specs into the language customers use to search so you can anticipate user queries, increase relevant results, and slash zero-result rates.

customize search
Customize your search experience—zero coding needed

Customize everything about your search experience, from the products shown first to the promotional content on result pages and the look of each page.

optimize search
Optimize search with in-depth reports on consumer behavior

Analyze and act on key site search metrics from a single dashboard so you can optimize the user experience on your site, marketing campaigns, and product development.

manage search
Manage search across regions and channels in a few clicks

Handle search queries in any language and embed search experiences anywhere in seconds by copying and pasting a single line of code.


Collect, clean, and translate product data into the language of customers

Zoovu's data platform has processed data on 17,000 product categories and 50,000 attributes.

Learn more about how Zoovu helps you manage and make use of your product data
zoovu data platform overview
standardize data
Create a single source of truth for all your product data

Import product data from PDFs, websites, databases, and other sources so all your product descriptions and specs are in one place.

standardize data
Standardize data from thousands of SKUs without spending weeks to do it

Correct spelling errors, normalize values, and remove unnecessary HTML tags in your product data with a few clicks.

use product data
Use your product data to surface the right products to the right people

Use AI to automatically tag products with the language customers use to search for them, like ‘portable’ or ‘budget-friendly’, and sort products by tags, category, brand, and more.

update and manage product data
Update and manage your product data with fewer operating costs

Apply changes to your entire database in a few seconds whenever new products are added or information is updated for existing products.

See how hundreds of companies are using Zoovu to engage millions of customers, increase conversion rates, and sell more while cutting costs

Attract, convert, and delight customers everywhere you sell—online and off

Take the guesswork (and dead money) out of your marketing campaigns

Collect zero-party from every interaction with customers to find out what they need. Use this data to create hyper-targeted ads, emails, promotions, and other campaign materials.
take guesswork out
sell more
Sell more, on more channels, in more places

Add guided selling assistants and configurators on different sites, retail marketplaces, and in-store devices by copying and pasting a couple lines of code. You can also instantly translate experiences into over 80 languages to quickly scale across regions.

see sort amd act
See, sort, and act on ecommerce KPIs and customer data in one place

See key metrics and trends in customer behavior, like engagement rates and the most popular products, from central dashboards. Use this data and AI to automatically update experiences so more people click, engage, and buy.

reduce return rates
Reduce return rates and turn customers into fans with personalized support

Point customers to the right support content so people fall in love with the products they bought and keep coming back for more while you reduce costs.

Integrate Zoovu with your PIM, ERP, CRM, and any other system you rely on

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Secure. Accessible. Powerful.

GDPR compliant
Comply with GDPR

Zoovu is GDPR compliant so your customers' data is private and secure

WCAG and ADA compliant
Build for WCAG and ADA requirements

Zoovu's design tools allow you to build assistants that align with accessibility regulations

Secure your data with SOC 2 Type 2

Zoovu is SOC 2 Type 2 certified so you can be certain that your data is protected

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