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About 3M

3M is a science-based technology company committed to improving lives across numerous industries. With over 60,000 products and dozens of brands, 3M distributes a broad range of products.

The Challenge

Enabling buyers with trustworthy self-service buying experiences

As 3M buyers moved toward digital channels, enabling them with self-service purchasing experiences that could be trusted, was critical to support their global customer base. But buyers needed to be 100% confident they were purchasing a product that was correct in usage and compliant with safety policies and regulations of the given industry.

"Today's buyers want to engage directly with vendors, on their own time. At 3M we see this as an opportunity to expand our DTC channels and provide digital experiences that make it easy to discover and purchase the right products for our buyer's needs."

Ryan Satre, Senior Manager of Ecommerce Strategy, 3M

Prior to Zoovu, 3M heavily relied on third-party specialists to manually copy and paste product content directly from PDFs into spreadsheets to organize product data to be ingested into their PIM, which was costly and inefficient for their extensive product catalog.

The Solution

Automate a compliance-based buying process

Using Zoovu to automate the digital sales experience, 3M streamlined the buying process so buyers can identify and purchase crucial products without relying on 1:1 interaction with a sales rep. By leveraging Zoovu's semantic content enrichment capabilities, buyers understand different SKUs and find the right products based on usage and risk management.

Additionally, 3M replaced the costly expenditure of hiring third party specialists for product data tagging with Zoovu's Semantic Studio. Through AI-powered taxonomy creation and product content tagging 3M automates time-consuming data management processes and generates conversational product content that reflects how buyers search for products.

"Using Zoovu, we've exceeded buyer expectations for what B2B buying can be and continue to see extraordinary ROI that solidifies our investment in prioritizing DTC channels."