Visual Product Configurator

Empower buyers to personalize products, and drive higher engagement, increase sales, and significantly reduce errors. Transform your complex products into interactive 2D, 3D, and AR discovery experiences.

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KitchenAid Stand Mixer Customization Tool

Configurators provide KitchenAid with an excellent opportunity to upsell and continuously result in a 65%+ increase in average order value.

Buying Online Should Be Simple

Stop limiting your sales by overcomplicating how customers buy from you. Empower buyers to control their online shopping experience and let their creativity drive more sales and higher order values.
  • Faster sales with clear product visualization
  • Larger purchases with simple viewing of configurables and accessories
  • Reduced return rates through customer-controlled purchases
The Easier Way to Sell Complex Products Online
Inaccurate orders can become a thing of the past. Zoovu transforms intricate product dependencies into user-friendly visual experiences, simplifying CPQ processes and preventing costly errors. Swap static spec sheets for dynamic, real-time visuals that enable your buyers and sales reps to create error-free sales quotes. By minimizing manual touchpoints, Zoovu makes your sales effortlessly easy.
  • Minimized manual touchpoints
  • Shortened sales cycles
  • Eliminates costly configuration errors
Simplify, Accelerate, and Empower your Sales Team
Level the playing field, equipping every salesperson with the knowledge to confidently sell. Replace lengthy training sessions with a scalable, user-friendly sales tool, enabling quick onboarding for new reps and effortless empowerment for existing ones.
  • Automate quotation generation
  • Increase internal sales process efficiency
  • Reduce training costs
More Than Just a Pretty Interface
Zoovu's AI platform goes beyond the front end appeal. Integrating with your product and sales information from the diverse platforms, ERPs, CMSPIMs, Zoovu eliminates the frustrations caused by siloed, inconsistent, and unstructured data. With Zoovu, you can build on a clean data foundation, incorporate business dependencies and rules, and create experiences free from constraints on configurations, variants, functionality.
  • Automate quote generation with customer-specific pricing
  • Generate print-ready files, bill of materials, assembly instructions
  • Simplify translations with automations
3D, AR and VR Configuration

In your competitive ecommerce space, offering a personalized shopping experience sets you apart. Empower your customers to interact with your products virtually, either online or in their own environments, before finalizing their purchases. Technologies such as 3D rendering, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) not only enrich your customers' shopping journey but also distinguish your business from the crowd.

  • Place and change elements via drag & drop
  • Photorealistic representation of product variants
  • Fully customizable look & feel
Increase Sales Across Distribution Channels
Enrich your customers' shopping journey, regardless of their preferred retailer. Seamlessly integrate our configurator into any of your partner's website, creating a unified omnichannel experience.
  • Build an omnichannel brand presence
  • Reach customers wherever they shop
  • Increase purchase confidence
Own Your Data
Visual configurators serve as a rich repository of insights for sales, marketing and product development.. Beyond traditional metrics like generated revenue, average order value, and dwell times, the real-time data gathered provides valuable insights on current demand trends, areas for optimization, as well as product and marketing strategy formulation.
  • Identify which products, equipment variants, and options are trending or falling short of demand.
  • Discover strategic optimizations that can bolster sales even further.
  • Determine the product lines that need future development.

One powerful and proven platform.
Fast setup and fully customizable.

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Configurators make a lot of sense for us because they allow us to show more of our product portfolio. They help us reduce the complexity of buying electronic accessories for our customers.

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Powerful Integration. Seamless Experience.

Zoovu's Product Discovery Platform integrates with WooCommerce, Magento, Big Commerce, Shopify, and more.
Effortlessly connect with your CMS, ERP, and PIM.

Data Security

Compliance with industry-specific frameworks, including SOC 2, GDPR, ADA, CCPA, ISO 2700

International Support

Our experts provide tailored support for unique enterprise needs globally.

Zero-Downtime Deployment

Zoovu ensures 99.9%+ uptime for uninterrupted service.

Guided Selling

Create guided shopping experiences that engage, educate, and cross-sell buyers with a no-code, AI-powered assistant.
Guided Selling Assistants

Intelligent Search

Let buyers find what they want, not just what they type.

Take the keyword guessing game out of the buyer’s journey with a search experience that understands every query and surfaces the most relevant product.
Intelligent Search
Intelligent Search

Product Data Enrichment

Say goodbye to siloed and unstructured data

Cleanse, enrich, and add contextual meaning to your product data at the click of a button.
Product Enrichment

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