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Conversation Studio

Conversations with a Human Touch that convert...at scale

AI Conversational Commerce assistants that provide the perfect outcome every time 

Conversational studio

Conversation Studio is a platform that lets you build, manage, and deliver personalized conversations so you can provide effortless conversational commerce on every channel.

Intuitive Platform

Focus on building great commerce experiences. Conversation Studio is a self-service solution with no IT skills required. Build your conversations and design layouts straight out of the box or leverage one of our 500+ templates to get you started faster.

Easily add new teams or new channels to the experience.

ConvoStudio Flow

AI-Powered Conversations

Choose from our selection of AI Power-Ups to further enhance your conversational experiences.

  • Conversation Optimizer: Optimize your conversation in real-time and predict the next best question to boost the best results for each individual search.
  • AI Tags: Automatically tag and enrich your product data to ensure every conversation makes sense.
  • Translator: Auto-translate your conversations for all experiences in any language across all regions and channels.
AI Search

Conversational Analytics

Monitor your key indicators in an intuitive dashboard, from CTR to conversion. Uncover your users' needs, best-performing products and content, and pricing preferences. Leverage these insights to shape and optimize your conversational commerce strategy.


Unleash conversations on any channel

Intelligent Site Search

Help visitors tailor their search experience to their needs with semantically powered site search. This way visitors can access the right content, no matter where it lives, every time.

Visual Configurators

Give your buyers the control to personalize their experience and make it their own by giving them a virtual test drive to help them visualize what they need.

Conversational Assistant

Create engaging interactions with Q&A driven conversations that better understand each individual need so that you can lead every customer to the right product.

Conversational Assistant


Engage your customers in chat on social channels, mobile app, or embed the conversational experience onto your website for seamless digital interaction.


Electra Chat

Dynamic Email

Supercharge email campaigns by embedding interactive and dynamic experiences directly into emails to improve engagement and product discovery.

Dynamic Email
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