Get more sales without more work with automated product data relationships

Create accurate product relationships in a few clicks and then let AI do the rest so you can increase sales with effective cross-selling and bundling.

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The best ecommerce brands in the world use Zoovu
to clean, enrich, and maintain product data

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Perfectly match customers to the right product bundles, recommendations, and compatible parts
with AI-powered product relations

Optimize your product bundling strategy with smarter product relationships

Manually creating and managing product relationships is a near-impossible task with thousands of SKUs in your catalog. Zoovu helps you cut through this complexity. Use AI to build logical product relationships and optimize recommended bundles so you can boost AOV.
Cross selling

Discover the power of product relations for ecommerce

Whether you’re selling laptops to gamers or electronic components to industrial businesses, you can use Zoovu’s product relations features to:
  • Make the most relevant recommendations for customers as they shop
  • Recommending only compatible product
  • Decrease returns and improve customer experience
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Automate connections between products

Stop creating product relations manually and using spreadsheets to maintain them. Use Zoovu to automate product relations, including:
  • Dynamic product rules
  • Product characteristics
  • Product segmentation
dynamic bundling

Increase average order value with intelligent bundling

Handle all the data that comes with a large product catalog and make recommendations based on:
  • Complementary products
  • Similar products
  • Relevant ad-ons
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Upsell and cross-sell more effectively

Show relevant products across thousands of PDPs, category pages, and check-out pages with almost no manual work, and find out which items are frequently bought together.
  • Group products: Automatically create relations that support your sales strategy
  • Effortless cross-selling: Seamlessly suggest products that match shoppers' needs
  • Strategic upselling: Recommend higher-value alternatives that align with the shopper’s interest
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Get more value from your data

Collect, clean, and enrich your product data, including features, price points, purchase history, customer reviews, and any existing product relationships.
  • Use Zoovu’s data enrichment tools to map technical specs to needs-based attributes, like ‘good for travelling’ so you can improve bundling and cross-selling
  • Make it easier for customers to find the exact product they need with intelligent product categorization
  • Collect zero-party data on who is buying, what they’re buying together, and why they made a purchase
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How Bosch used Zoovu’s product data relationships to create unrivaled customer experiences

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Bosch consumer electronics


Bosch Power Tools knew that its online customers were struggling to know which power tools and accessories to buy. A huge product portfolio made it hard for shoppers to find the products that met their specific needs and the accessories that went with them.


Bosch Power Tools uses Zoovu's Data Platform to turn complex technical product specifications into a customer-centric language. This removes time-consuming product data management tasks. Bosch was able to guide buyers to the right power tools and accessories for their specific needs and applications.

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Simplification is one of our key strategic pillars. Whenever we can use technology to achieve this goal, we do it. The Bosch Accessory Advisor built with Zoovu simplifies the user journey."

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Clean, standardize, and enrich your product data
without spending months on manual work

Product data management

Classify thousands of products with needs-based language in a couple of hours with AI so customers can quickly find the best product for them. Then use AI to automatically manage any changes to product data.
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Product data cleansing

Collect, clean, and standardize product data from almost any source, including spreadsheets, PDFs, product pages, and more. Ensure your product data is consistent and error-free across categories, regions, and brands.
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Product data enrichment

Map technical product data, like weight or size, to the language that fits customer needs and preferences. For example, identify products that are good for personas (like gamers or students), lifestyles (families, small business owner), and needs (waterproof shoes, budget laptop).
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Frequently asked questions

Product relations in ecommerce refer to the logical connections between products based on their attributes, functionalities, or usage. For example, only certain power cords are compatible with certain laptops. Accurate product relations are important for recommending relevant and compatible products to buyers based on items they’re viewing or have in their cart.

As new products are introduced or existing products are updated with new features or compatibilities, a product data relationships tool, like Zoovu, automatically integrates this information, keeping product recommendations and bundles relevant.

Zoovu collects zero-party data directly from customers through interactive experiences, such as quizzes or surveys. This data is then used to personalize shopping experiences, making recommendations and content more relevant to customer requirements and preferences.

Absolutely. Zoovu’s ecommerce conversion platform is designed to cater to both B2B and B2C sectors, offering scalable solutions that can be tailored to meet the unique challenges and conversion goals of each, from configurable products to quote generation and beyond.

While results can vary, many clients begin to see improvements in engagement, customer satisfaction, and conversion rates within a few weeks of implementing Zoovu’s personalized experiences.

Getting started with Zoovu is easy. Simply request a demo, and our team will guide you through the process, from integration to launching your first personalized experiences.

Better data, experiences, and intelligence drive better
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