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Ingersoll Rand: Simplify Technical Purchases with a Human Touch


Ingersoll Rand, the global industrial equipment and technology manufacturer, lives to its motto of “We Make Buying Technical Products Simple” with its longstanding partnership with Zoovu’s Conversational Commerce platform.

The industrial manufacturer began its conversational commerce journey with its first-to-market, Air Compressor Advisor, an interactive conversational flow that guides buyers through a series of questions-and-answers to recommend the right air compressor for their individual needs and application.

As the manufacturer's digital transformation evolved, it continues to iterate and optimize its Air Compressor conversational assistant to include associated products and compatible accessories to create customized bundles and further increase product uptakes and AOV. Ingersoll Rand’s ecommerce team also integrated Price Spider, a brand commerce platform that monitors their stock inventory, prices, and locations where the product is available to purchase and/or pick up. By doing this, Ingersoll Rand accurately directs buyers to distribution channels where they could purchase their recommended Air Compressor bundle.

Ingersoll Rand identified the need to offer buyers a simple way to find the right replacement parts for existing Air Compressors and has been reaping the rewards ever since. This has led to the development of their Parts Finder that will soon be re-launched as a combined conversational assistant and visual configurator, providing buyers with the ability to visual customize their buying experience. This evolved conversational commerce experience initiates a conversation to determine what model the buyer currently has followed by an interactive configurator.

The Parts Finder visual configurator allows the buyer to identify which Air Compressor parts need to be replaced by expanding the air compressor and having each part of the compressor “come apart” from each other. This makes it a much quicker experience for the buyer to identify the problem part and provides Ingersoll Rand a self-service support solution that can help them understand what products are most frequently repaired to improve the product lifecycle for newer models.