Always one step ahead: Cyberport solves the "Paradox of Choice" for its customers by using Zoovu AI Conversational Commerce


With its cloud-based technology for AI Conversational Commerce and Search, Zoovu provides the technological platform for customer-centric product and purchase assistance solutions at Cyberport.

Berlin, Aug. 23, 2021 Cyberport customers can now get round-the-clock support from a conversational assistant when buying technical devices online. In light of constantly changing customer behavior and the unprecedented growth of online shopping, Cyberport is making its product and consulting expertise available and accessible for online customers to use.

Cyberport is one of the largest European ecommerce companies for IT and consumer electronics belonging to Hubert Burda Media. At, customers can find over 45,000 products ranging from laptops and smartphones to televisions and household appliances. To make it easier for non-experts to select the right product, the Zoovu AI Conversational Commerce platform provides the flexibility for Cyberport to interactively support customers in finding products and making purchase decisions, perfectly adapting to every customer's need.

Fritz Philipp Schildt, Portfolio Lead ECommerce at Burda Digital, who is responsible for optimizing ecommerce across Burda's portfolio companies, says of the cooperation with Zoovu:

"During the purchase decision process in particular, the customer is faced with the "paradox of choice" - there are countless products, some with minute differences, which a customer must understand, evaluate to be able to make a decision on an often high-priced tech produce. Because of this constraint, it was essential for us to provide customers with an innovative way to receive digital advice and find the right products for their needs".

Customer centricity: focusing on needs rather than product specifications

The first step was to implement a needs-oriented, digital laptop purchase advisor. It combines Cyberport's product expertise with Zoovu's expert knowledge in consumer psychology, as well as conversation and interaction design. Instead of having to deal with technical features, customers can easily and quickly find the right laptop based on their needs. As a result of the digital consultation, users receive individual product recommendations generated in real-time and convincing purchase arguments that simplify the selection and purchase decisions. This increases both sales and customer loyalty.

The successive expansion of the digital advice offering to further product categories is already underway.


Next-generation product discovery with Zoovu

The Zoovu platform integrates various search and navigation solutions (Conversation Studio) and a product data management framework (Semantic Studio) to quickly implement personalized, digital shopping experiences along the entire customer journey in a future-proof manner. Based on product data that is enriched using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Zoovu can be used to roll out data-driven online shopping experiences in a scalable manner in the form of digital shopping advisors, visual configurators, messenger applications, and context-sensitive onsite search, among other things.


Schildt explains why the group chose Zoovu:

"Zoovu is characterized by both a very well-developed feature portfolio and an ambitious roadmap, as well as a visionary team. For Cyberport, these were the decisive factors for taking a holistic approach to customer-centric search and "conversational commerce". In Zovuu, we've found a partner that will continue to be an innovation leader 10 years from now."

Rob Mullen, CEO at Zoovu, is pleased with the collaboration:

"Search and Discovery is now the critical touchpoint in any digital experience. We're proud that Cyberport chose Zoovu after an intensive review of the market and look forward to helping Cyberport deliver online experiences that are aligned with their customers' needs with our expertise and technology."

About Cyberport
Cyberport is one of the largest ecommerce companies for IT and consumer electronics in Europe. At, customers can find over 45,000 products ranging from laptops, smartphones, televisions, to household appliances. The company's omnichannel concept enables private and business customers to purchase both via the web store, over the phone, and in one of its 14 stores in Germany and Austria. The quality of the online store is regularly recognized by independent testing bodies (most recently: German Online Retail Award; Best Multichannel Retailer, Shop Usability Award). Cyberport now has over 5 million customers.