FRANKE Home Solutions chooses Zoovu to help customers find the perfect tap for their needs quickly and easily

Franke chooses Zoovu

Franke Home Solutions, part of Franke Group, uses the SaaS enterprise solution Zoovu to inspire and guide customers, joining the long list of renowned Zoovu customers.

Franke Home Solutions, a division of the Franke Group and the world's leading provider of intelligent systems and solutions for the home kitchen, has implemented an interactive Tap Finder using the Zoovu AI Conversational Search platform.


For individuality - even with taps

Stainless steel kitchen taps are trending. Franke is renowned worldwide for high-quality stainless steel sinks and now offers the home enthusiast the chance to use a durable, timeless and modern stainless steel tap on par with Franke's high standards of performance and design.

To help customers quickly and easily find the perfect tap for their needs despite the variety of products, the Tap Finder serves as a digital consulting tool that provides inspiration and promotes purchasing decisions. Customers are made aware of the wide range of Franke stainless steel taps, familiarized with the individual product benefits, and supported in selecting the right tap based on their requirements.

The Tap Finder focuses on the customers themselves, their requirements, style, and preferences rather than products. This is done through a dynamic conversation that adapts to each user and is able to determine individual customer needs in order to generate intelligent product recommendations.

In addition, customers receive relevant background information that reinforces preferences and purchase decisions.


Rapid implementation: from conception to multi-country rollout

The implementation of Tap Finder was done directly in the Zoovu platform with its semantic capability that cleans and enriches product data to support conversational experiences at scale. With different teams and divisions, Franke benefits from the collaborative development environment, automated translation, and access to AI-powered optimization that helped them roll out the Tap Finder to numerous countries in a  short time period.

Zoovu AI Conversational Search technology is currently used on Franke DTC sites across Europe, including  France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland.



Learning from customers: AI-based market analysis

Thanks to AI-based analysis of user interaction data, Franke also benefits from unfiltered access to market-relevant information and insights on product performance and country-specific customer preferences. This enables Franke to make better decisions based on data to support ongoing optimization of the solution or future marketing activities.


Matti Koukka, Brand Experience & Events Specialist at Franke:

"The flexibility and outstanding functionality of the Zoovu technology convinced us. With Zoovu, we can implement intelligent guidance and support solutions for our customers, quickly integrate them into different country sites and channels, while simultaneously learning more about our target group and their needs."

The Tap Finder is also the focal point of a large-scale, cross-channel campaign. Customers are directed to a special landing page via numerous social media assets and display ads. There, the Tap Finder enables a customer-centric form of product search, better customer guidance through the product range that does not overwhelm, and offers customers real added value in the customer journey.


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With the first few weeks of integrating Zoovu into the organization, Giorgia Longoni, Franke Home Solutions Head of Digital and Ecommerce, is very satisfied:

"The user experience and the convenience and ease of finding the right product are our top focus. Integrating Zoovu into our existing platforms was smooth and their services allow us to be in the market faster than if we did everything in-house."

"We are very pleased to have Franke as another satisfied customer," said Rob Mullen, CEO of Zoovu. "The collaboration between Franke and Zoovu is another example of the success of our technology in helping our customers to deploy future-proof powerful digital shopping experiences with minimal resources."

About Franke Home Solutions

Franke Home Solutions is a division of the Franke Group and the world's leading provider of intelligent systems and solutions for the home kitchen. The division is active worldwide and employs around 5,000 people in nearly 40 countries, generating total sales of more than 1 billion Swiss francs. The product range covers all areas of the kitchen - from food preparation and cooking to purification, cleaning and air treatment. Franke Home Solutions offer consumers an unlimited kitchen experience - simple, hygienic, and environmentally friendly. The new division of the Franke Group incorporates Franke, Faber and other food preparation and cooking brands. Learn more at