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BSH leverages Zoovu as Global Solution for Conversational Commerce

BSH, Europe’s largest home appliance manufacturer with 11 brands including Bosch, and Siemens, partnered with Zoovu for a group-wide contract to power their global omnichannel syndication initiatives.

Zoovu is working with BSH to make its content conversation ready so that it can fuel and deliver conversational commerce experiences for chat, assistants, and visual configurators. BSH is leveraging Zoovu across their global distribution network, which includes 1000s of retailers in over 50 countries.

To deliver on their vision of making conversational commerce experiences a core part of their strategy, BSH looked for a solution that was scalable, enabled the deployment of 100’s of experiences at once in any language, and passed key security benchmarks like ISO certified SOC 2 and GDR compliance.

The manufacturer had previously attempted to build in-house but quickly realized the conversational experiences were rudimentary, lacked language understanding, would be nearly impossible to scale and would lack the flexibility of an enterprise-grade solution. Zoovu’s combination of automatic semantic enrichment, scaling capabilities, and extensive conversational assistants would fulfill their requirements and more. A key component to why Zoovu was picked as a global brand initiative is its proprietary Semantic Studio product that has the ability to turn any data into conversation-ready content, automating the tagging of conversations. The combination of conversations and semantic data models deepens BSH’s product discoverability and recommendation accuracy.

Additionally, Zoovu stood out as a proven industry leader with its existing partnerships with trusted retailers like Euronics, Krëfel, and MediaMarkt, but also with its wide range of home appliance brands, like Miele, Whirlpool, and Dyson.

Like many manufacturers at the forefront of conversational commerce, BSH leverages numerous conversational experiences to drive results for their individual brands and partner retailers and harnesses the data and insights from 1:1 conversations with customers. The data collected from conversations enables them to further their overall marketing efforts like building 360° customer profiles from first-party data and empowering teams with qualitative data for smarter decisions. Additionally, using Zoovu’s Conversation Optimizer BSH increases conversation efficiency with real-time AI optimizations.

The BSH and Zoovu partnership displays the breadth and impact of conversational commerce with a human touch. From chat on Facebook Messenger to configuring a kitchen in a visual configurator, BSH offers its customers and retail partners an engaging buying experience that delivers the right product and information on every channel, at any time.