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How Zoovu secured a Spotlight and became the Fastest Riser in the SAP Store in 2022

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How Zoovu secured a Spotlight and became the fastest riser in the SAP Store in 2022

It’s hard to look at the last 6 months here at Zoovu and not be incredibly proud of what we’ve built and continue to build, we announced a $169 million Series C round with FTV Capital to continue establishing ourselves as the go-to solution for Discovery experiences and we’ve continued to strengthen our partnership with SAP.  As of August, Zoovu is featured in the SAP Store as the Spotlight solution for their over 425,000 customers.

As I mentioned in our post about participating in SAP’s SAP.IO program this past spring, I’m a firm believer in the idea “We are Better Together.” When an SAP customer integrates Zoovu, we both benefit from showcasing how solutions work together to provide everything a business needs to thrive and meet its customer needs and expectations. In essence, SAP and Zoovu complement each other and supercharge customer experiences as a unified solution.  For this reason and more (read on to find out), SAP continues to highlight Zoovu as a game changer for their customers to supercharge content discovery with a variety of experiences powered by AI and semantic knowledge.

When I look at the value of Zoovu in the market and specifically for SAP’s customers, it’s a trite but true pandemic lesson: the digitization of sales impacted businesses of all types, those who sell to consumers and those who sell to businesses. For B2B organizations, they were scrambling to adjust to a digital-first world and facing the reality of “how do we communicate and sell complex offerings online?” for the first time.

This shift of streamlining operations to drive business cost savings while still making impact requires a solution like Zoovu. By tackling time and money drains on businesses, such as providing continuous enrichment of product content and enabling self-service content discovery experiences, Zoovu is an incredibly powerful platform for any business selling on digital channels. Regardless of selling model, we automate any sales conversation and content discovery at scale.

In light of Zoovu’s feature as a Spotlight in the SAP Store, I sat down with Rajiv Nema, the Sr. Director of Marketing in the SAP Store team responsible for Partner Enablement and Promotions, which includes managing the Spotlight Program, to discuss the Spotlight and why Zoovu was selected.

Lamees Butt: Can you explain what the SAP Store Spotlight is and how SAP determines what partners get chosen?

Rajiv Nema: SAP Store Spotlight is about shining a spotlight on partners that SAP sees great potential for. The solutions featured receive a higher tier of go-to-market benefits and support from SAP, including access to Business Development funds. We have a set of criteria to determine how we choose which partners are selected for the Store Spotlight, these include: employing digital best practices and having strong customer traffic, engagement, and transaction. SAP Store sets benchmarks around these and the top performers make it into this tier – the Spotlight.

Butt: With that answered, why has Zoovu been selected to be featured?

Nema:  Zoovu is one of the fastest risers into the Spotlight Tier we’ve seen to date and is in the Top 2% of performers on the SAP Store marketplace. That itself coupled with hitting meeting our criteria are reasons why it’s been featured.

Zoovu is one of the fastest risers into the Spotlight Tier we’ve seen to date and is in the Top 2% of performers on the SAP Store marketplace.

I also think there’s something to be said about how pro-actively the Zoovu team collaborates with SAP personnel and follows our recommended best practices.  The trick to succeeding in the SAP store and as an SAP partner is about taking “Better Together” and integrating that mentality into how we work together.

Butt:  From my perspective, part of why our partnership is working well is down to adoption and versatility, i.e., Zoovu can be leveraged for any business across all departments and functions. Zoovu’s next-gen content discovery platform supercharges SAP as it drives impact for businesses needing to meet the expectations of both customers and employees as our digital economy and workforce evolve. The partnership future proofs businesses to drive scale and growth.

When you look at how Zoovu complements SAP, what is one thing you’d tell SAP customers about why Zoovu should be a part of their digital commerce infrastructure?

Nema: SAP customers’ product offerings are becoming complex and Zoovu is this solution that helps understand shopper intent and drives them to the products they need using AI/ML and semantics. It’s a no-brainer innovation why all SAP CX Cloud customers should consider Zoovu. Businesses should always be focusing on driving operational efficiency whilst improving the customer experience and journey. Zoovu does this and more.