Zoovu and SEMKNOX Merger Ignites Contextual eCommerce Revolution

Semknox + Zoovu

Zoovu Delivers First No-Code AI-driven Conversational Customer Experience Platform

Zoovu, the global leader in conversational search and digital buying assistance, today announced the company’s merger with German-based data and semantic search experts SEMKNOX. The merger signifies a significant leap forward in personalized online buying experiences with the creation of the first no-code contextual customer experience platform.

Zoovu’s enhanced semantic search capabilities powered by artificial intelligence help retailers create conversational experiences based on the individual needs of the consumer’s situation and context of use. When shoppers search for products online using common language terms, Zoovu’s integrated product ontology evaluates and maps the query to a precise set of corresponding products based on contextual clues. Zoovu’s omnichannel search technology, including next-generation chatbot and voice-enabled search, delivers contextual conversational experiences and offers a huge leap forward inaccessibility.

“Conversational search is the ultimate way to convert searchers into buyers, optimizing every step of the online buying journey and using AI to predict customer needs,” said Robert Mullen, CEO, Zoovu. “This merger signifies a multi-million-dollar investment in the future of semantic-powered contextual conversations to enhance online shopping experiences. Without semantics, you can’t deliver truly contextual conversational experiences.”

Semknox’s enhanced data cleansing capabilities deliver 100% machine-readable, structured data to drive the next generation of conversational search technology, improving keyword optimization, digital marketing, and virtual assistants. As a result of the merger, Zoovu enhances its ability to help online retailers’ and brands’ integrate, cleanse, organize, normalize and enrich data to fill gaps in product attributes and recognize and remove incorrect information in the world’s first no-code contextual environment.

“eCommerce brands have tried for years to build and maintain their own product data and catalogs, with little success,” said David Urbansky, Founder and CEO, SEMKNOX. “SEMKNOX’s semantic product search engine delivers structured, searchable information from chaos, using our ontology to augment data, fill gaps in product attributes, and recognize and remove incorrect information and spelling mistakes. With clean data, so much becomes possible.”

“Zoovu offers the most advanced digital buying experience on the market, delivering a true conversational search and customer service experience,” said Mullen. “With no previous information about the customer, brands can deliver personalized, conversational digital engagement experiences, leveraging natural language processing technology to respond to tonality, colloquialisms, spelling mistakes and within multiple languages.”