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Zoovu recognized as a thought leader by Forrester for their approach to Conversational Commerce with a human touch

Forrester + Zoovu

Zoovu was tapped by Forrester to provide insight into the emerging digital commerce search market with its proprietary AI that fuels its conversation and semantic capabilities to support brands, retailers, and B2B manufacturers in their ecommerce and digital transformation initiatives.

Furthermore, Zoovu stood out with its conversational commerce-ready content to help businesses build conversational experiences across channels. 

The report, “Drive Shopper Relevance with Digital Commerce Search: Site Search Finally Gets An AI Boost,” written by Forrester analyst Scott Compton highlights the challenges consumers face whilst searching for products or content across digital channels that directly relate to inadequate site search features. In fact, “75% of US online adults say it’s important for retailers to provide advanced site search features, such as the ability to refine search results by [a wide range of product attributes].”

While acknowledging significant gaps in current commerce experiences, Forrester sees an opportunity and brands of any industry in how much the space has evolved in recent years, “methods to determine to search intent have progressed significantly…search models using machine learning means it’s easier for business users to adjust results, and these solutions natural language understanding (NLU).”

To power digital commerce search, AI-driven platforms rely on both real-time and historical data to autonomously derive a customer’s intent, such as:

  • Historical behavioral data: advanced search toolsets powered by AI can improve repeat visitor experiences by prioritizing their preference interactions when surfacing results
  • Semantic Data: Machine learning applied to semantic data reduces the need for manually entering synonyms for every product; if semantic search is incorporated ML draws relationships between words and multi-lingual queries to determine intent for any search query.

These work autonomously to continually enrich the business understanding of intent and customer language to improve product findability and consumer convenience wherever they engage.

Investments in AI in the form of cognitive search will propel the efficiency and effectiveness of digital commerce search as a direct result of being able to show results based on a combination of historical and in-session variables. These variables work congruently to provide highly relevant and personalized results for customers.

Zoovu’s Conversational Commerce Platform enables businesses to incorporate more outputs to power the next generation of varied channels, methods, and experiences available to retailers and brands to improve the overall buying experience. These include visual configurators, conversational interactions, and chat that can be displayed across channels, whether its website, in-app or kiosks. An increased focus on expanding inputs and outputs will play a significant role in who performs best on mobile in the future.

Zoovu stood out as the only vendor to provide conversational-ready content to help businesses build conversational experiences across channels, including its first-to-market no-code visual configurator.

The level of personalization is heightened due to flexible, conversational commerce experiences that understand customer intent, correlate semantic data with related products or content, and ensure only the most relevant – and compatible - results surface.

Beyond consumer buying experiences, Forrester recognizes, just as Zoovu, how cognitive search within the digital commerce framework can support customer service and support functions with automated, continually learning conversational interactions and configurators.

As digital adoption continues to accelerate, it’s critical for brands and retailers of all kinds to be optimizing conversational experiences and implement AI-powered solutions focused on driving relevancy.