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Use Conversation Studio to turn more traffic into sales by giving customers personalized product recommendations based on their specific needs and preferences

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97% of people that come to your ecommerce site leave empty-handed because they're overwhelmed by options.

Zoovu's guided selling assistants solve this problem by quickly guiding people to the perfect product.


Build beautiful selling assistants in minutes and optimize them without lifting a finger

  • Use pre-built templates and a visual drag-and-drop interface to create, update, and publish guided selling assistants in a few clicks—no coding required
  • Customize assistants to match your brand with code-free design tools and preview them in real-time with an intuitive visual canvas
  • Use AI to test your question flow and adjust the order and number of questions for each customer so you can increase engagement rates

Einhell increased sales by 60% in just three months with Zoovu’s guided selling assistants.

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Generate personalized product recommendations based on customer needs

  • Use AI to search your entire catalogue and find the best products for a customer based on their needs, preferences, and lifestyle
  • Highlight the attributes that make a recommended product the best choice for each customer
  • Suggest products that complement recommendations to increase upsell opportunities and average order values

"Simplification is one of our key strategic pillars. Whenever we can use technology to achieve this goal, we do it. The Bosch Accessory Advisor built with Zoovu simplifies the user journey."

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Collect more zero-party data on customer needs and behavior

  • Use a single dashboard and pre-built reports to analyze, act on, and share key metrics for each assistant, like engagement and conversion rates, trends in purchasing, and associated revenue
  • Add lead generation forms to assistants to capture user-specific information, share it with your CRM, and built hyper-targeted marketing campaigns
  • Conduct limitless A/B tests on your assistants to find out which variations drive more engagement and conversions

Trek boosted conversions by 200% with Zoovu's guided selling assistants

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Sell more on more channels and in more regions

  • Instantly translate assistants into any language without leaving Zoovu so you can quickly scale assistants across regions
  • Syndicate assistants to retailer sites by copying and pasting two lines of code so you can maintain brand consistency, and collect insights without the trouble of code freezes and other bottlenecks
  • Set up guided selling assistants on in-store devices and use QR codes to link to them from ads, catalogues, and other promotional materials

"We use Zoovu to effectively support our retail partners by delivering omnichannel product discovery experiences directly to them and seamlessly moving customers to purchases." - Ram Iyer, Senior Director of Digital Strategy and Ecommerce, Microsoft

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The world's biggest brands are boosting engagement, conversions, and sales with Zoovu's guided selling assistants

Give customers a hyper-personalized shopping experience while staying compliant, accessible, and secure

GDPR compliant
Comply with GDPR

Zoovu is GDPR compliant so your customers' data is private and secure

WCAG and ADA compliant
Build for WCAG and ADA requirements

Zoovu's design tools allow you to build assistants that align with accessibility regulations

Secure your data with SOC 2 Type 2

Zoovu is SOC 2 Type 2 certified so you can be certain that your data is protected

Integrate Zoovu with your PIM, ERP, CRM, and
any other system you rely on

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Product overview

Configuration Studio

Build visual product configurators

Allow customers to use drag and drop tools to quickly and visually build perfect product bundles from 1000s of options.

Search Studio

Power site search with AI
Deliver more accurate and relevant search results so customers can find products faster and easier.

Advisor Studio

Connect customers with a personal product advisor
Give customers access to Zoe, a generative AI shopping assistant powered by Zoovu Advisor Studio. Create personalized product descriptions and answer customer questions in real-time to help buyers click ‘add to cart’ with confidence.

Zoovu Data Platform

Clean, organize, and enrich product data
Automatically collect, clean, and translate product data into the language of customers so they can find products easier and faster.
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Frequently asked questions

Imagine walking into an appliance store to buy an oven. You don’t know which of the 100 options is best for you, so you talk to a salesperson. They ask you questions like how big your kitchen is, what your budget is, how often you use your oven, and what you use it for. Based on these answers, the salesperson shows you a couple of products that fit your needs.

The interaction you just had with the salesperson is guided selling — they ask questions to understand your needs, preferences, and lifestyle, and then show you products based on this information. A guided selling assistant is a digital version of this experience. It’s like putting your best salesperson online to ask questions and use the answers to point customers to the best products.

Consumers don’t just prefer personalization, they expect it. More than half of consumers (52%) expect all offers to be personalized and 76% get frustrated when brands don’t deliver personalized interactions. And when buyers get personalized product recommendations, they’re more likely to make a purchase and to be repeat customers.

Consumers also demand privacy. Guided selling assistants collect zero-party data from customers, so they’re not tracked and followed around the internet, and their privacy is preserved.

When you combine these two capabilities, guided selling is the best way for ecommerce brands to drive better results across the buyer journey, from engaging potential customers to converting them and keeping them coming back.

The major difference is in the results. Both ask questions and generate recommendations based on the answers. A typical quiz or product finder will have a static series of questions and show customers a long list of pre-set results. In other words, there’s no true personalization—customers are stuck with the same results they’d get from basic filters or search tools.

On the other hand, Zoovu’s guided selling assistants use AI to adapt to each customer. The order of questions and the number of questions can be modified by the AI based on the customer’s responses. The product recommendations are extremely specific and personalized—it’s possible that no two customers get the same combination recommendations. This is true personalization, which has been shown to greatly increase everything from conversion rates to revenue and customer satisfaction.

This is all possible through the Zoovu data platform, which tags products with attributes similar to how a customer might describe each item. For example, a product may be tagged with attributes like ‘Good as a gift’, ‘Budget’ and ‘Portable’. These attributes help Zoovu’s AI understand which specific products best fit each person’s exact needs with each question.

First of all, you’re not alone. Fragmented, incomplete, inconsistent, and siloed data is the status quo for most companies. That’s why Zoovu built its data platform, which uses AI to collect product data from various sources (like PDFs, webpages, reviews, PIMs, and ERPs), clean it, and standardize it.

Instead of spending months or years manually sifting through thousands of SKUs, reviewing each one, and tagging every product, Zoovu’s AI automates the process so it can be done in a few hours. Every time a SKU is added or changed, this process is automatically triggered so maintaining your catalog is easy. Then, this data can be exported to your other business systems so multiple departments can work with a single source of data.

It can take as little as a few days to build and launch a guided selling assistant depending on the complexity of your product data and the resources available to design, create, test, and deploy the assistant. For projects with lots of complex and disjointed data, and where there are few resources available, it may take a few weeks to launch.

Security is our first priority when it comes to your data and the data of your customers. Zoovu is Soc 2 Type 2 certified, the most globally recognized and stringent certification when it comes to securely managing customer data. All data provided by your customers is anonymous to Zoovu—we don’t have access to any data about an individual that interacts with a Zoovu guided selling assistant, meaning your customers are guaranteed privacy. Zoovu is also GDPR compliant.

Yes, Zoovu can integrate with almost any system your business relies on, including PIMs, ERPs, and CRMs. For a list of systems we commonly integrate with, visit our integrations page.

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