Personalized Ecommerce with AI-Powered Experiences

Place your customers at the core of every digital experience. Zoovu's AI-powered platform helps you use real-time behavioral insights and zero-party data to personalize your ecommerce.

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Personalizing Ecommerce for Leading Enterprise Brands 
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Zero-party Data for Personalized Experiences

Zoovu's Product Discovery Experiences gather information about your customers needs in the moments that matter - when they are in the market to buy. Collect zero-party insights while staying compliant with privacy regulations. Use insights about their real needs to hyper personalize and adapt your website content in real-time, and craft nurture emails that truly resonate to help you drive sales.


Personalize Product Recommendations

Zoovu’s AI product discovery solutions turn  that uncertainty into confidence. By generating product recommendations that align with your customers identified needs, Zoovu increases their decision confidence and your chance of a successful sale.

Make Your Products Easy to Understand

Don’t let generic spec sheets overwhelm your customers. Zoovu translates technical product data into powerful sales language consumers understand and relate to. Match their needs with the solutions your products offer, and experience the uplift in satisfaction, trust, and conversion rates as confusion turns into purchase confidence.

Create customized and interactive product detail pages

Advisor Studio is Zoovu’s AI-powered product expert that helps you turn browsers into buyers. It customizes product descriptions for each customer and answers any questions they have about the product. It’s like having the smartest salesperson in the world on all your PDPs, 24/7.
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Personalize Search Experiences

Don't let inaccurate search results frustrate your customers. Zoovu's Intelligent Search goes beyond simple keyword matching and can handle the natural language queries of your customers. Offer them a search experience without restrictions, and instead understands the context and intent of each query to deliver highly accurate results.
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Better data, experiences, and intelligence drive better
outcomes every time.

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Powerful Integration. Seamless Experience.

Our ecommerce integrations and onboarding support will have your search up and running in no time. Zoovu On-Site Search is based on a modern API-first, headless architecture. This gives you maximum flexibility to decide where and how to embed search.

Guided Selling

Create guided shopping experiences that engage, educate, and cross-sell buyers with a no-code, AI-powered assistant.
Guided Selling Assistants
guided selling

Visual Configuration

Push the limits of digital customization.

Empower your buyers to make choices with simple selections that help them customize or personalize your products to their liking.
Visual Configurators

Intelligent Search

Let buyers find what they want, not just what they type.

Take the keyword guessing game out of the buyer’s journey with a search experience that understands every query and surfaces the most relevant product.
Intelligent Search
intelligent search

Product Data Enrichment

Say goodbye to siloed and unstructured data

Cleanse, enrich, and add contextual meaning to your product data at the click of a button.
Product Enrichment
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