Ecommerce is broken

Every day, hundreds of millions of motivated buyers visit ecommerce experiences fully intending to make a purchase. And yet 80% of buyers are dissatisfied with their ecommerce shopping experience.

Zoovu turns bye into buy

Zoovu is an AI-powered discovery platform that enables B2B and B2C businesses to help buyers discover products and make purchase decisions, wherever they are.

Zoovu is an essential partner in our digital strategy. We solve the paradox of choice, learn more about our buyers and generate higher sales worldwide through our retail partners.
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Return on Investment
Increase in Average Order Value
Return on Investment

Why the world’s leading organizations trust us

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Your Product Data Discoverable

Zoovu ingest and structures product content from all sources and automatically cleans and enriches it with language that people understand to enable powerful and personalized ecommerce discovery experiences.

Platform Overview

Engage Your Buyers Like Never Before

Guide, educate, and inspire your buyers so they can find exactly what they are looking for with our best in class 2D and 3D visual configurators, intelligent search and guided selling assistants across digital channels and partner.


Actionable Insights for Enhanced Business Decisions & Customer Experiences

When buyers engage, the Zoovu platform collects interaction data across our Search, Guided Selling, and Configurator studios and provides deep insights such as usage patterns, product and bundling preferences, driving factors for purchases, collection of zero-party data.

The AI driven features will automically optimize guided selling flows and make recommendations on how to improve results so that your customers find the perfect products everytime across your ecommerce ecosystem.


Consistent Engagement Experiences Across Your Ecommerce Ecosystem

Embed our search, guided selling, and configurators across your own network of sites, third party sites, etail partners, or anywhere else in your ecommerce eco-system.

With a few lines of code generated from our platform the experiences are easy to place and the brand, design, and engagement data are yours to own and control as if they were a part of your own site.


Welcome to the Party…
The 0-Party Data Party

Don’t bother trying to make sense of behavioral data from fuzzy sources all over the internet. Zoovu makes it easy to collect precisely what your buyers are interested in with each decision point whether it’s on your site or on your retailers or distributors site.

Our demand generation tools will deliver you 0-party data that you can use in your CRM, ecommerce platform, PIM, PXM… Remarket, cross-sell, upsell, and engage in whatever way you choose. The data is yours.


Security at Scale

The Zoovu platform manages millions of engagements safely with elastic scale, high availability, full redundancy and recovery. Security testing is done on an ongoing basis and we are proud to have achieved compliance by the following industry standards GDRP; CCPA; SOC 2:


See For Yourself

True product discovery happens when you’ve unlocked your product data and can deliver the right engagement experience exactly at the right time.

Zoovu’s platform lets you customize what works best for your business whether you are a brand, manufacturer, retailer, distributor.