How Zoovu makes your content human-centric

Look under the hood and see how Zoovu enables you to deliver human-centric experiences


4 steps to augmented product content

Automated Ingestion

Our AI automatically transforms inconsistent and incomplete product data (SKUs), delivering cleaned, normalized, and 100% accurate & machine-readable data.

Industry Taxonomies

Zoovu automates content enrichment by leveraging a wide range of industry-enriched taxonomies with proven customer language models

AI Content Classification

Continuously enrich the product content using our AI Classifiers to save people from having to do this manually, ensuring consistency and delivering cost-savings

Augmentation & Enrichment

Add the language customers use to describe their needs and requirements to help people find what they're looking for

1 • Elevate your product content

Getting the foundations right

Enable people to discover, evaluate and buy your products intuitively, in their natural language. To deliver natural language product discovery experiences, technical specifications need to be enriched with descriptive phrases. These are typically within unstructured content and have to be identified and extracted manually.

Our AI automates this transformation, providing you with the critical foundation to deliver the powerful product discovery experiences your customers and buyers expect today and tomorrow – without depending on large data teams, saving you time and money.
See how we elevate your product content
2 • from discovery to sale

Automate digital selling in a zero-party data world

Turn enriched product content into revenue-generating experiences. With clean, enriched content, so much becomes possible!

Our powerful, no-code platform uses the content together with a complete set of AI tools, so you can build, design, deploy, and manage AI digital assistants (visual configurators, conversational assistants, semantic search) – all from one easy-to-use platform and without IT or heavy-lifting.
Discover inspiring experiences

Engage, educate & sell

Communicate your products and their benefits in a language your customers and buyers immediately understand

Adapt in real-time

Sell interactively, identify customer needs and adapt your sales approach in real-time

Drive more revenue

Increase revenue through needs-based bundling, cross- and up-selling based on your customer and buyer's needs

Any language

Auto-translate experiences into any language to scale globally and engage with buyers in their preferred language

Save time

Automate the continuous optimization for higher conversion thanks to our proprietary machine-learning algorithms

Gather crucial insights

Gather game-changing insights into product and pricing preferences and buyer personas, while respecting your customer's privacy

Get the actionable
insights you need.

Get the insights that matter – along with the ability to put them to work. Measure and understand how your buyers are engaging, why they buy, what's working and what isn't.

Conversation analytics and AI-driven optimization

Zoovu’s machine-learning tracks and analyzes billions of behavioral data points and interaction patterns to help you visualize how buyers are engaging and identify friction points.

Our AI Conversation Optimizer uses these insights to continuously learn and improve the performance of your experiences in real-time, eliminating the need for time-consuming MVT tests.

Product analytics and product intelligence

Don’t stop at only tracking product sales and conversion, but find out why people buy your products. Learn what products and features drive purchase behavior to make more data-driven business decisions, such as in marketing and product development.

Access ad-hoc analysis, customizable reporting, and data visualization to understand the business impact of your experiences without data prepping or delays.

3 • embed anywhere

Connect with people wherever they are – 24/7

Reach buyers and customers where they are. There are no limits to where you can embed your experiences.Deploy AI digital assistants on any digital touchpoint and multiply your sales opportunities.

Our "Build once, Deploy anywhere" approach and powerful API simplify the deployment of AI digital assistants across different channels, so you don't have to run expensive redevelopments projects for every new touchpoint.

Win more customers

Reach buyers in the moments that influence their purchase decision-making, no matter where they are or what device they use

Go to market 10x faster

Manage all product discovery experiences in one platform and ensure channel consistency

Streamline workflows

Reduce your time to value thanks to our integrations with leading ecommerce platforms and business applications

Easy integration

Seamlessly embed AI digital assistants into numerous devices, from kiosks to all types of mobile applications

Powerful API

Leverage our API to control and drive conversational experiences via all major chatbot frameworks – directly from the Zoovu platform

Continuous R&D

Our internal R&D ensures that you can integrate your experiences into future channels and technologies such as VR/AR or voice assistants

Seamlessly integrates with the technologies you use.

4 • One-to-thousands

Extend your reach and drive growth

Make it easy for channel partners and distributors to sell your products and maximize online sales, while preserving your brand integrity. Easily syndicate a complete brand corner with rich content and AI digital assistants to thousands of partners in different regions, markets, and languages – all managed from one platform and without the need for constantly filling in spreadsheets.

Zoovu automates product data management, synchronization with your partners assortments, content updates, and optimization, so you scale up without increasing the manual work.

Increase traffic and visibility

Increase visibility, brand perception, and awareness in competitive spaces

Drive business impact

Deliver high-quality customer experiences that drive traffic, increase global revenue, and bolster productivity

Ensure compliance

Ensure compliance with local regulations and handle all variations consistently and seamlessly

Differentiate your brand

Differentiate your brand and products through appealing content and essential sales arguments that drive product discovery, selection, and purchase behavior

Single point of control

Change once and update everywhere in real-time across all sales channels, without worrying about maintenance, data management, and synchronization.

Get in-depth insights

Gain insights and visibility into product and partner performance through Zoovu's real-time dashboard and channel monitor reporting

Join the leading companies already using Zoovu and watch your sales soar.

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