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Success isn't just about products, it's about creating meaningful connections between consumers and your products. Engage, understand, and deliver extraordinary shopping journeys with Zoovu.

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Optimizing Ecommerce for Leading Enterprise Brands
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Ecommerce is broken

Every day, hundreds of millions of motivated buyers visit ecommerce experiences fully intending to make a purchase. And yet 80% of buyers are dissatisfied with their ecommerce shopping experience.

Zoovu turns bye into buy

Zoovu is an AI-powered discovery platform that enables ecommerce businesses to help buyers discover products and make purchase decisions, wherever they are.

Zoovu is an essential partner in our digital strategy. We solve the paradox of choice, learn more about our buyers and generate higher sales worldwide through our retail partners.

Buying From You Should Be Simple

Customers often struggle to differentiate between products, leading to indecision and lost sales. Zoovu's AI-powered Guided Selling Assistants turn that uncertainty into confidence. By personalizing product recommendations and adapting them in real-time through targeted, needs-based questions, we simplify the complexity of choice. We align each customer's unique needs with the perfect product while instilling in them the confidence to buy. Turn challenges into opportunities, and make buying simple.

Make Your Products Easy to Understand

Don't let generic spec sheets overwhelm your customers. Zoovu translates technical product data into powerful sales language consumers understand and relate to. Match their needs with the benefits your products offer, and experience the uplift in satisfaction, trust, and conversion rates as confusion turns into confidence.

Give Your Buyers the Control

Empower buyers to control their online shopping experience and drive higher order values.

Let customers interact with your products virtually, either online or in their own environments, before finalizing their purchases. Technologies such as 3D rendering, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) not only enrich your customers buying journey but also distinguish your shopping experience from the competition.

Automate Up & Cross-Selling

Maximize your revenue with Zoovu's intelligent and personalized cross-sell and upsell automations. Through data-driven insights, Zoovu automatically enables you to recommend complementary products or product bundles that precisely align with your customers' needs. Leverage hidden opportunities to up & cross-sell effectively, driving more sales and higher order values

Help Buyers Find What They Want, Not What They Type

Don't let inaccurate search results frustrate your customers. Zoovu's Intelligent Search goes beyond simple keyword matching, offering your customers a finely-tuned shopping experience that understands context and intent. The result? Your customers find the products they need faster, and enjoy a satisfying purchase experience.

Buyer Intelligence

Get access to zero-party data to understand buyer’s motivations and behaviors for more informed decision-making in product development, marketing, and sales. Personalize your customers’ experiences, and streamline operations, driving growth and keeping you ahead of the competition.

Better data, experiences, and intelligence drive better
outcomes every time.

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CRO Optimization
CRO Optimization

Leverage AI to optimize the conversion experience. Automate recommendations, bundling, and grow online sales.

Expand Customer Reach
Expand Customer Reach

Leverage AI to optimize the conversion experience. Automate recommendations, bundling, and grow online sales.

Ad Spend Effectiveness
Ad Spend Efficiency

Direct high-intent buyers to the right products faster and generate a greater return on marketing campaigns.

Powerful Integration. Seamless Experience.

Our ecommerce integrations and onboarding support will have your search up and running in no time. Zoovu On-Site Search is based on a modern API-first, headless architecture. This gives you maximum flexibility to decide where and how to embed search.

Guided Selling

Create guided shopping experiences that engage, educate, and cross-sell buyers with a no-code, AI-powered assistant.
Guided Selling Assistants
guided selling

AI-optimized Product Detail Pages

Connect customers with an AI-powered, 24/7 product expert on every product detail page so you can turn browsers into buyers.
Meet Advisor Studio, your AI-powered PDP assistant
pdp optimization

Visual Configuration

Push the limits of digital customization.

Empower your buyers to make choices with simple selections that help them customize or personalize your products to their liking.
Visual Configurators

Intelligent Search

Let buyers find what they want, not just what they type.

Take the keyword guessing game out of the buyer’s journey with a search experience that understands every query and surfaces the most relevant product.
Intelligent Search
intelligent search

Product Data Enrichment

Say goodbye to siloed and unstructured data

Cleanse, enrich, and add contextual meaning to your product data at the click of a button.
Product Enrichment
data enrichment

Join the leading companies already using Zoovu and
watch your sales soar.

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