The Ultimate Guide to Product Detail Pages

Here's what we learned about best practices and consumer behavior from analyzing over 2,000 elements on 125 PDPs

Download your own copy of the report and find out:
  • What features are common across ecommerce product pages
  • Where there are opportunities to optimize product detail pages
  • How businesses are adjusting to fit trends in buyer behavior
  • Ideas you can steal from top ecommerce brands to spruce up your PDPs
Key takeaways you’ll read about in this report:
  • Consumers must sift through a lot of information when shopping online. The average PDP has over 59 pieces of information about the product, including product specifications, images, related products, product variations, and more.
  • Shoppers don't trust brands; they trust other shoppers—and ecommerce companies know that. Over 90% of PDPs have customer reviews and over half (56.8%) have two or more types of social proof.
  • Brands are fighting hard against the rising wave of returns by experimenting with tactics to get shoppers to buy more. This includes having additional product recommendations (89.6%), on-page promos (56.8%) and bundling recommendations (47.2%). A whopping 95.3% of PDPs had at least one of these elements.

PDP Report

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