A Quick Guide to Turning Product Data into Profitable Content and Experiences

Improving content navigation and discovery requires businesses to take control of the massive amounts of data, information, and content they’ve created to communicate the value of products and services.

To be effective in delivering the discovery experiences customers expect in today’s digital-first world, it is necessary to make sense of all this data and information through automated product content enrichment that leverages product ontologies and semantic knowledge. Only then can businesses deliver buyer-oriented, scalable, and profitable content discovery experiences in the form of intelligent site search, conversational assistants, product configurators, and more.

In this guide you will learn:
  • Why enriched product content is crucial to digital commerce success
  • How to leverage enriched product content to create content discovery experiences across channels and for any industry
  • What technology and capabilities are required to deliver profitable content discovery experiences in your customers’ natural language

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