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What is Conversational Marketing?



Have you noticed that the way humans communicate is changing?

Whether you are looking to speak with another person 1:1 or you’re engaging with a business - the rules are changing.

When was the last time you ordered a pizza by picking up the phone rather than using a digital automated service? See what we mean? Consumers expectations are rising at an extraordinary pace, continuously searching for personalized and engaging experiences from the businesses we interact with. For brands and retailers, this means creating relevant and contextual conversations is a must.

Conversational marketing is the only solution to meet and exceed the increasing expectations of consumers. No matter what product or service you offer, it's the only way to create truly engaging conversations - that convert.

So, you’re probably wondering, what exactly is conversational marketing, right?

conversational marketing



The Conversational Marketing Formula

conversational marketing formula

Engage with consumers to build contextually relevant conversations in real-time, wherever they are.


Understand your consumers, their product preferences and how they interact with your brand


Always act to achieve the ideal outcome, let AI and machine learning do the heavy-lifting

Conversational Marketing is the Future

In a survey of InternetRetailing readers, we asked how businesses felt about the 
complexities of products, impact of customer indecision and what would make their
sites more productive.


say it’s important that
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feel human


say uncertainty and
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5 Reasons Why You Need Conversational Marketing


1. Humanize the Digital Experience

Believe it or not, conversational marketing is not as new as you think - we’ve been having conversations with consumers for years!

Have you ever asked yourself, wouldn’t it be great if I could replicate the level of personalization and engagement of an in-store assistant across my digital channels? Conversational marketing allows you to do just that, no matter the size of your business!

Your Conversational Marketing Platform should provide you with your very own digital sales army. Smart, trusted and always there to help. The experts you need, wherever your consumers need them.

2. Increase Engagement and Conversion

Conversational marketing allows you to build intelligent conversations that engage consumers and drive sales like never before. Sounds good, right?

Forget guiding consumers to products with outdated product filtering. Forget complicated websites that show too many products.

By utilizing human language across your digital channels, you can engage better than ever. Listen to behavioral and contextual signals to assist consumers and guide them to the right product to cut down the decision-making journey and convert more of them.

3. Gain Deep Insights, Real-Time Reporting & Marketing Metrics

Is there anything that marketers love more than data? Sure, accessible and digestible data that is easy to act upon!

Delivering engaging and personalized conversations requires relevant information. But, there’s no need for you to do the heavy lifting! Let powerful AI, machine learning and learning algorithms pave the way to vital data such as consumer behavior, interaction patterns, sales, product and pricing data.

Insights and data that would otherwise require expensive market research is made available instantly thanks to Conversational Marketing!

4. Solve Choice Paralysis

It comes as no surprise that customers who can’t decide, don’t buy.

Mounting options quickly overwhelms consumers causing indecision, confusion and panic. Choice paralysis sets in, meaning many don’t choose at all!

The latest research shows that up to 56% of consumers have abandoned a purchase simply because it was too difficult to find the right product. That represents big $$$ for brands and retailers! Don’t leave your consumers with endless irrelevant options.

Start a conversation.

Create engaging, human-friendly experiences and turn your customers into confident buyers – they’ll love you for it!

5. Conquer Consumer Convenience

We can place orders by voice command. We can have groceries delivered within hours.

Convenience means creating a frictionless experience in the face of reduced attention spans and complex shopping experiences. Offering convenience has never been more important! Conversational marketing makes the consumer experience effortless by providing immediate answers to questions with real-time interactions, re-shaping how we communicate.

Brands and retailers are catering to a generation that demands convenience.


Top 6 Benefits of Conversational Marketing