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Semantic StudioMake your product content ready for conversational experiences.

Cleanse, enrich, and add contextual meaning to your product data at the click of a button

How it works

Semantic Studio automatically cleans and enriches your data, so you
can scale meaningful conversational commerce experiences.

Content Integration

Easily integrate your content and data, whatever the format or source.

Structuring & Cleaning

Our system automatically structures and cleans your data for you.

Content Integration

Further enrich your data with our intelligent ontology library.

Providing value to your business

Reduce Costs

Automate expensive manual data management processes to drive efficiency and time savings across your organization.

Accelerate Time to Market

Reduce the time it takes to enable conversational commerce experiences by over 80% through automated data processing and translation.

Scale Conversational Commerce

Your data is continuously structured and enriched to ensure every conversational experience is meaningful and successful – in any language.

Data cleansing at scale

Semantic Studio puts your data from various sources through an automated and robust cleansing process so your data is structured and fully machine-readable, guaranteeing efficiency gains for your team and a reduction of inconsistencies.

Semantic Enrichment

Draw from Zoovu’s world-class semantic library to interpret the context, meaning, and intent behind your customers' every conversation.

Our proprietary and growing ontology model enriches your data, adds missing product attributes, and removes incorrect information. Fully automated, so you can focus on the strategic work.

Conversational Commerce

Data processed in Semantic Studio can be directly fed into Conversation Studio to enable conversational commerce experiences that understand people and deliver results, without manual intervention.

With clean and enriched data
so much becomes possible

Deliver powerful conversational commerce experiences across channels and touchpoints, with a human touch.

Find out how Semantic Studio fixes your data issues.

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