Visual Product Configurator for SAP Commerce

Help your buyers and sales teams find, bundle, and configure complex products online. Zoovu automatically augments and enriches product content to enable human-centric discovery experiences with the SAP system. Reduce the cost of sale, accelerate the buying journey and drive larger deals.

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Zoovu x SAP

SAP and Zoovu bring a winning combination to your business that will ensure you have the tools to deliver revenue-generating experiences. Together, we deliver AI experiences that will provide your sales team with the support needed to guide customers through the buying process to make confident purchasing decisions.

Works With:
SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP CPQ

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98%Increased engagement in over 25 global markets
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96%Improved CPQ accuracy
< 4Weeks to set up and go live​

Enable Buyers to Order Complex Configurable Products Online

Enable buyers to configure products and solutions without having to talk to your sales team first. Present products from a Customer Perspective, automate order entry, and minimize manual interventions. Deliver an intuitive self-service experience, prevent errors, and accelerate the time-to-purchase.

Cross- and Upsell to increase Order Values

Educate and guide buyers throughout the configuration and bundling process. Cross- and upsell additional products or services as part of the experience. Never miss an opportunity to maximize sales with embedded capabilities such as Guided Selling.
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Reduce Manual Data Entry and Errors

Integrate configuration models and pricing rules through SAP Connectors. Ensure data and configuration accuracy through real-time connection to your Configuration models in the products' KB, SAP S4/HANA or SAP CPQ. Embed on your website, eShop or internal systems (SAP CPQ or SAP Sales Cloud).
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Present Products from a 'Customer Perspective'

Personalize the digital experience to your customers’ industries, target personas, and knowledge levels. Translate their applications or indications into product offerings. Gain new insights into product performance and buyer preferences to maximize sales opportunities.
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Empower Product and Digital Teams

Let product and digital teams digitize their knowledge and build customer-centric experiences through a powerful and intuitive platform. Analyze the performance, test, and optimize without the need for IT-resources (no-code).
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Powerful and intuitive Interface

Easily build visual configurators for variant-rich and complex products. A range of enterprise-grade functionalities such as AI-powered optimizations, versioning, and auto-translations enable you to save time, reduce risk and customize the visual configurator to your business requirements.

Real-time Integration of Configuration Models

Securely connect your Configuration models through Zoovu’s certified SAP Connectors directly from SAP S4/HANA, SAP ERP or SAP CPQ, without the need for data replications.

Enable Accurate Product Configurations

Provide an engaging experience and accurate results with visual product selection and configuration. The embedded rules engine ensures that sales reps and customers cannot select incompatible or non-applicable attributes for a configurable product, reducing errors and product returns.

Reduce implementation and operating costs

Integrate your configurator at any customer- or internally-facing system within minutes. Create consistent configuration experiences for customers in your eShop as well as your sales team across the globe through integration into SAP CPQ or SAP Sales Cloud.

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