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Grow revenue through personalised
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3M has partnered with Zoovu, the leading enterprise-grade product discovery platform, to equip selected 3M Distribution partners with AI-powered digital sales assistants that are proven to boost online sales.

Click below and check out some of the 3M digital sales assistants:

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Help buyers quickly find, configure and bundle the right 3M products based on their unique preferences, compliance obligations and security policies – right at your store.

Participation in the Digital Sales Assistant programme is subject to 3M approval.

How it works

Add 3M’s digital sales assistants
to your website

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2. Integrate

Receive the Zoovu integration code and embed optimised digital assistants. Ensure appropriate promotion and entry points to help guide consumers to the correct product. The digital sales assistants automatically synchronise with your assortment and adapt the conversation flows to each of your buyers.

3. Grow sales

3M digital sales assistants help you maximise conversion and increase sales. No heavy-lifting. No time-consuming maintenance.

Deliver personalised product discovery
at scale, without manual effort.

See a real difference in your sales.

Personalized product discovery experiences at scale
Out-of-the box solution and comprehensive product suite
No manual work, coding or IT required
Up- and cross-sell smarter with AI support
Quick and easy integration - single line of code
Multilingual UX to serve a global audience
Automated product data refinement and synchronization with your assortment
Enterprise-grade security standards and certifications ensure trust, safety and privacy

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