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Miele Retailer ProgramMake selling​
Miele products easy

Boost e-commerce sales with AI-powered product discovery​

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Drive sales through personalized
​ product discovery experiences

Miele has partnered with Zoovu, the leading enterprise-grade product discovery platform, to equip selected Miele retail partners with AI-powered Miele Advisors & Filters that are proven to boost online sales.

About the Miele Retailer Program

Join 325+ retailers already participating in the Miele Retailer Program.​
Successfully live across 40 languages and 19 product lines.

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About the Miele Retailer Program​

The Miele Retailer Program provides you with exclusive access to a wide range of ​AI-powered Miele Advisors, Filters and Services. Easily integrate them into your website ​without heavy-lifting, so they can start selling for you.​

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Help buyers quickly find and bundle the perfect Miele products based on their unique needs and preferences. Right at your store.​ ​

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Advisors & Filters to drive sales​



La Redoute​

of Miele Advisors
& Filters​

  • Access to Zoovu’s leading Digital Advice platform​
  • Access to conversion-optimized Miele Advisors and Filters
  • Consistent premium brand messaging and style in line with all other Miele consumer touchpoints​
  • Automatically reflect new Miele product launches thanks to Zoovu’s Master Framework​
  • Simple integration - no coding or IT required​
  • 9 to 5 support - based on your time zone

of​ Miele Partner
Data Services​

  • Access to Zoovu's FTP: Secure data transfer of the latest Miele product data
  • Consistency: Complete and cleaned Miele product data in line with all other Miele touchpoints
  • Scale: Continuous data updates without manual effort​
  • Cross- and Up-sell: Automatically bundle Miele products and recommend compatible accessories on your PDP
  • Support: 9/5 support - based on your time zone​

Miele data

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