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Miele has been working with Zoovu for 5 years+ with the aim of providing customers with guided search experiences to help better engage and educate customers when making a purchase decision. As part of this partnership Miele has created the Miele Retailer Program which provides you (its retailers) with a set of 2 exclusive services that will make it easier for you to sell Miele products.

Brand Store Project

The Brand Store project gives you access to Zoovu’s search platform capabilities such as pre-set guided search experiences for your Miele product portfolio.

Partner Data Services

Join Miele’s Partner Data services to receive structured Miele product data so that you can easily display product info on your PDPs - Provided for your specific Miele product portfolio.

The Miele Retailer Program is successfully live at 325+ retailers, across 23 languages including French, Spanish, Croatian and Czech and 19 Product lines.

Benefits of the Brand Store Project

  • Access to Zoovu’s Search platform
  • Access to Miele Search Assistants and Miele Filters
  • Consistent premium brand messaging and style in line with all other Miele consumer touchpoints
  • Significant reduction in manual workload due to Zoovu’s Master Framework
  • Simple integration - no coding or IT required
  • Dynamic solution that constantly reflects latest assortment updates (e.g. new Miele product launches, new product generations)
  • 9/5 support - based on your timezone


Benefits of Miele Partner Data Services

  • Access to Zoovu’s FTP
  • Consistent Miele product data in line with all other Miele touchpoints
  • Ability to match Miele accessories to respective Miele products
  • Automated data updates without manual effort
  • 9/5 support - based on your timezone

Join the Miele Retailer Program and access a wide range of pre-set search experiences ready to be directly integrated to your site. Making it easy for you to sell Miele products in confidence and successfully.

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Who's Zoovu?

Zoovu is the leading digital commerce search platform working with over 3000+ brands and retailers globally to help buyers find and configure the perfect products for their needs. Zoovu provides a wide range of search experiences varying from digital assistants, visual configurators, messenger assistants and intelligent search bars all aimed at engaging, educating and empowering buyers to make a decision and convert.

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