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Help people search and discover what they want through digital conversations with a human touch


Why Zoovu?

Simplify purchase decisions.

With Zoovu, you help undecided customers make informed purchases thanks to guided conversations.


Why Zoovu?

Help your customers understand the value of your products.

Customers who don’t understand the advantages of your products can’t consider them as part of their decision making. With Zoovu, you translate product specs into tangible and relatable benefits.


Why Zoovu?

Avoid bad purchase experiences.

Wrong purchase decisions lead to customer dissatisfaction and high returns. With Zoovu, help your customer buy the perfect products, perfectly tailored to their individual needs.


Top companies worldwide use Zoovu

Companies around the world use Zoovu to deliver engaging conversational experiences that guide, personalize and deliver the right product every time. Zoovu is a SaaS provider and a strategic partner across all industries and markets.


CVR uplift





Why companies trust Zoovu

Advanced technology. All-In-One.

Zoovu’s Conversational SaaS Platform combines all the components required for a successful, scalable roll-out of a conversational search strategy in any enterprise organization.

With Zoovu’s proprietary AI and semantic library you’ll be up and running 90% faster than any other solution available.


Measurable Results

Our customers see:

 211% higher conversion
98% increase in engagements
48X ROI after a few weeks
Higher customer satisfaction with purchased products and increased NPS

Easily view all stats and data directly in pre-built dashboards and reports.


Smart Optimization

Zoovu uses AI to evaluate your digital conversations. Without the need for manual testing, your search assistants continuously learn and optimize in real-time for maximum conversion - continuously improving your digital commerce performance.


Expand Reach

Zoovu’s all-in-one Platform helps you save time and money by helping you quickly scale your experiences across different languages, countries, and channels - eg on your own website, brand or partner sites, via social media channels, voice, chat, and even in-store. 


Market research and analysis

Zoovu automatically evaluates all your conversations and provides you with tips for optimizing your assistants' performance. You will also gain a unique insight into buyer behavior, customer needs, preferences, and current trends.

Identify new customer segments and find out why customers buy your products - and why they don’t.

Ongoing development

As a technology leader, we are constantly working on further developing our solution to meet evolving market needs.

We rely on collaborations with leading institutions and international experts that specialize in our space, and research & development.

Listen to our on-demand webinar with Mike Gualtieri, Principal Analyst at Forrester on Solving Today’s Search Complexities.


Data security and server performance

Your data security and performance are our top priority.

That is why we rely on the latest cloud technology and carry out regular penetration tests to guarantee the highest availability (99.9%) and superior response time.

Zoovu does not process personal data and is 100% GDPR compliant.

Zoovu is SOC2 certified reflecting our ongoing commitment to data security and protection.


24/7 Global support

Our global team has in-depth industry knowledge and supports companies around the world to ensure you get the most out of our conversational platform.

We are proud to offer global 24/7 support to our customers around the world


Proven technology in
1,000+ product categories
in B2C and B2B

Zoovu is a leading technology provider and strategic partner
with expertise in over 1,000 product categories in B2C and B2B.
1Bn+ engagements
per month
product categories
135+ languages

Good buying assistance doesn’t compromise.
Not even online.

Digital Transformation
Zoovu is an essential partner in our digital strategy. We solve the search problem, learn more about our buyers and generate higher sales worldwide through our retail partners.
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