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What is
Conversational Search?

Helping customers find
the right product for their needs

Conversational search definition

Conversational search is the ultimate way to convert searchers into buyers by leveraging AI to optimize every step of the buyer’s journey. Using AI to understand and predict what the customer needs to increase conversion and customer satisfaction. Brand and retailers gain insights about their customers and product performance across channels, regions, and languages.

Have you noticed the way search
has evolved over time?

The internet isn't just for information research anymore.

search over time

Did you know that 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine and that 79% of all product-related searches start on Amazon? More than 90% of consumers use search during different stages of their customer journey.

But every second, businesses are losing millions of dollars because traditional search capabilities are not helping consumers find what they want.

If they can't find it, they can't buy it.

A keyword-based search for something as simple as "Bluetooth headphones" will overwhelm the shopper with thousands of results. Consumers crave an increased level of assistance and personalization throughout their shopping journey.

And, conversational search is THE solution to combat choice overload online.

Using a dialogue to help consumers find what they're looking for has vastly better results than a traditional keyword search—for consumers and businesses alike.

How does conversational search work?

Online businesses are using conversational search platforms to optimize the customer experience.

Conversational search intuitively guides consumers through an overabundance of products and transitions the customer experience from a tedious journey to a personalized search experience. Consumers are 3x more likely to engage in interactive experiences than static ones.

Trek's bike finder leads customers through a series of carefully chosen questions before matching them with the perfect bike. Cyclist remorse has been removed while conversion doubled.
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trek bicycle


One of the biggest reasons for product returns is a lack of consumer knowledge. By designing conversations and educating consumers on product specs and product selection, brands and retailers influence how shoppers discover products.

Microsoft leveraged Zoovu’s expertise to help create and scale a guided, conversation-based search experience. By integrating assistants across their retail and channel partners, Microsoft grew incremental retailer revenue by $18 million by guiding shoppers to the perfect laptops.
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Conversational search simplifies and shortens the purchase journey, driving up conversion by 211%. By better-educating consumers about product benefits, it’s easy to upsell complementary products, resulting in an average order value increase of 47%.

KitchenAid's mixer assistant adapts to each consumer and asks the right questions to guide them to the perfect product set. By customizing the buyer journey across channels and in 7 languages, KitchenAid generated a 65% uplift in average order value.
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When consumers are pleased with their search experience, they are more likely to make that experience their new standard and will become repeat customers. Conversational search increases customer lifetime value by meeting each individual’s wants and needs.

Moroccanoil engages shoppers in a personalized conversation and recommends a highly curated hair regimen, resulting in a 20% increase in order value and repeat purchases
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Conversational search methodology

Consumers rarely enjoy the online search experience. It's the discovery moment that consumers value.

Keyword-based search offers a shopper thousands of product options. However, only a fraction of the results will truly fit their needs.
Conversational search replaces the traditional keyword search with an interactive relationship between the user and the business. It offers a level of assistance, using needs-based questions, to help shoppers find what they are truly looking for.

This solution ultimately simplifies the path from intent to the transaction. 

1/4 Informational intent
  • Not looking to make a purchase 
  • Simply browsing the web
  • Enjoys product education 
  • Open-minded to purchasing 
2/4 Navigational intent
  • Considering a purchase 
  • Loyal to specific website, brand or product
  • Wants quick access to information to narrow down choice
  • Waits to make purchase once confident 
3/4 Investigational intent
  • Wants to identify various product options
  • Indifferent to price but cares about the journey to the product 
  • Expects attention to detail and assistance from businesses 
  • Best search experience wins 
4/4 Transactional intent
  • High-intent to make a purchase
  • Wants it now
  • Quick to convert, but impulsive
  • Needs as much absorbable information immediately

The four different types of intent-based search personas

It’s time for search technology to adapt to consumers, 
not the other way around.

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5 reasons why you need a conversational search platform

Digital assistants are the ultimate way to build engaging relationships with consumers through authentic and personalized experiences. 

They enable B2C and B2B businesses to create conversations that boost conversion. The additional benefits of integrating conversational search experiences into the customer journey are fundamental for businesses to succeed in today’s digital economy.  


Engaging experiences

Leading with engaging and informative product discovery experiences means consumers are no longer inundated with lists and catalogs of different products. Conversational search initiates a dialogue through asking click-based questions to help consumers find what they’re interested in.

The results are boosted engagement (+80%), heightened convenience, and reduced bounce rates. By narrowing down choice in a personalized and interactive way, conversational search is evolving how consumers engage online.

engaging conversational search


Inspire and excite consumers through conversations

Consumers should not be required to be product experts and know exactly what product is right for them when they begin their search experience. The responsibility to translate product language and specs into easily absorbed information should be on the business--not on the consumer. 

Click-based conversations make the search experience less technical, more relatable, and more human while keeping businesses in control of the interaction. You can educate consumers, help them understand product benefits, increase their purchase confidence, and shorten the path to purchase, providing more conversions (+211%) and fewer product returns.


Learn about your consumers

Today, data-driven customer engagement defines brand success.

Zoovu's AI conversational search platform collects 15 million pieces of data per minute to help you understand what customers buy and why. Businesses gain unique, real-time insights into consumer behavior, purchase patterns and pricing preferences of shoppers. 
This level of data comprehension provides insights that exceed those of extensive, qualitative market research.


Scale faster and drive more sales

Conversational search experiences can be deployed wherever your consumers shop: online, mobile, in-store, at retail partners, and even through voice.

You can rapidly build, localize, and deploy conversational search applications across channels, helping you reach and engage across different markets and platforms generating more sales.
Conversational search is built for scale yet personalized for each individual.


Analyze consumer data in one place

Using AI Zoovu’s conversational platform tracks consumer question interactions and product performance data to extrapolate insights that can be used to optimize the search experience.
With every interaction, Zoovu learns and reports what is and what is not working in a conversation flow to continuously optimize and deliver the optimal search experience and product fit for the consumer. Allowing businesses to deliver the most satisfying search experience every time without labor-intensive data manipulation. 
Zoovu acts as the product expert and charismatic salesperson making every search interaction a successful one generating increased revenue, brand loyalty, and buyer visibility. 

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