The 2024 State of B2B Ecommerce Report

Transforming the way sales teams sell, the long road to good data, and other trends that are defining the industry

The old way for one business to buy from another business is dead. Buyers of industrial-grade drills and medical imaging machines want the same experience as when they go online to buy a laptop or vacuum. Except, most B2B companies are unprepared to meet this seismic shift in buyer expectations. In fact, 65% of B2B executives say that ecommerce is broken at their organizations.

This report takes a deep dive into the challenges that face B2B ecommerce teams, the root causes behind them, the big bets being made to remove obstacles, and practical steps that can be taken to make ecommerce work in the industry.

Key stats and takeaways from this report:
  • Sales teams need to evolve for a digital world: 74% of B2B leaders say their sales processes need to be digitally transformed for ecommerce to succeed
  • Data is a huge stumbling block for B2B ecommerce: 83% of businesses struggle with data that is incomplete, inconsistent, or outdated
  • A great customer experience is a competitive advantage: While 79% of respondents say it’s critical that they improve the customer experience, 60% say it’s a top challenge for them

The 2024 State of B2B Ecommerce Report

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About this report

Conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by Zoovu in January 2024, this report is based on a survey of 413 senior-level directors and above, responsible for consumer or product data strategies. These professionals come from various industries across the United States and Europe, representing companies with a minimum of $200M in B2B ecommerce revenue.