The 2024 Consumer Trust Meter

How much do consumers trust B2C brands and how is it impacting ecommerce buying trends

This report is the tale of two numbers:

The first is 188%, which is the increase in ecommerce sites since 2019.

The second is 82%—the percentage of consumers that say they have some mistrust when shopping online.

When you combine these two pieces of data, one thing is clear: Trust is the most valuable commodity for any company selling things online, from one-person shops to multi-billion-dollar brands. Companies that cultivate trust will be the ones that gain an upper hand in an overcrowded market.

This report will help you understand how trust is impacting buyer behavior online, what is causing mistrust among consumers, and how you can build more trust with customers.

Key stats and takeaways from this report:
  • 89% of consumers didn’t find the product they were looking for online at some point in the last year
  • Those that have had a poor online shopping experience are almost 3x more likely to prefer offline shopping in the future
  • The top reasons why consumers struggled to find products online and how to overcome these obstacles by building trust

2024 Consumer Trust Report

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