Forrester Interview: Maximizing the Impact of Search in a Mobile-First World.

Today's customers expect convenience findability when they search for products or content. Yet, they are met with outdated search experiences across channels -- especially on mobile. It's time to re-invest and modernize search for today's mobile-first customer.
Hear directly from Forrester's Scott Compton and Zoovu's Sarah Assous on how businesses can deliver in their customers' moments by serving them proactively along well-understood journeys and understanding their needs.

In this conversation, you'll learn:
  • What digital commerce search is - and its evolution from keyword-driven to understanding context and intent.
  • How to optimize search for better mobile and omnichannel experiences.
  • The benefits of AI in improving operational efficiency.
  • Why data is the foundation to a superior search experience -and the importance of semantics for digital commerce excellence.

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