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Semantic Studio

Make your product data ready for conversational experiences.

Cleanse, enrich, and add contextual meaning to your product data at the click of a button.

Semantic studio

Semantic Studio automatically processes inconsistent and incomplete data to give you cleaned, normalized, and structured data at scale.
So that you can create meaningful conversational commerce experiences.
100% machine readable.

How Semantic Studio works

How Semantic Studio works


Easily integrate your data, whatever the format.

Structure & Clean Your Data

Our system automatically structures and cleans your data for you.

Enrich Your Data

Further enrich your data with our intelligent ontology library.

How Semantic Studio provides value to your business

Reduce Costs

Reduce expensive manual data processes to nearly nothing by automating your data integration and enrichment processes for all languages and channels.

Increase Time to Market

Reduce the time it takes to get your new products online by over 80% through automatic data processing and translation.

Perfect Data Quality

Your data is continuously structured, usable, and enriched to ensure every conversational experience is successful whether you’re using a chatbot, site search, or digital assistant.

Data cleansing at scale

Semantic studio puts all your data through a robust rule-based cleansing process so that it can be structured and fully machine readable.

This process only need to be done once - guaranteeing an easy and scalable process for you.

Semantics cleansing

Semantic Enrichment

Draw from Zoovu’s world-class semantic library to interpret the context, meaning, and intent behind your customers' every conversation.

Zoovu’s ontology model has a vast network of connections between products and their attributes making it easy to automatically enrich your data, fill gaps in product attributes, recognize and remove incorrect information, and spelling mistakes.

Semantic enrichment

Contextual Search

Product data processed in Semantic Studio can be directly fed into Conversation Studio to create conversational commerce experiences. Zoovu’s contextual search capability breaks down every product search semantically and understands the contextual meaning of search queries. As a result, only the most relevant results are shown, fully automatic and without manual intervention.

Intelligent search for buyers

With clean and enriched data so much becomes possible

Your newly cleaned and enriched data structure can now more effectively power your search experiences whether it be intelligent site search, conversational assistants, chat, or visual configurators.


Zoovu clean data

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