Accelerate channel partner performance

Regain control over how your products are sold

The quickest and easiest way to grow your audience and sales
is through channel partners. However, we understand that selling
through partners comes with a unique set of challenges:

- How to maintain control over how your products are sold and displayed?
- How to ensure a consistent brand experience?
- How to stand out from competitors for customer attention?
- How to uncover data blind spots across your channel network?

zoovu syndication
It’s time to take back control! 

Deploy a digital assistant across your network to maximize revenue contribution and gain access to never-seen-before data. 

Supercharge your business from one single platform.
We call this: zoovu syndication

Thinking about integrations?
We’ve got you covered.

We connect with all major eCommerce tools with out-of-the-box integrations

Find out how top brands are using syndication
and drive millions of dollars in incremental revenue

whirlpool syndication

With its 31 digital assistants globally and a 65% engagement rate, Whirlpool takes advantage of zoovu syndication to inspire shoppers and gain control over how products are being sold.


  • driving more sales through channel partners (+25%)
  • access to actionable end-consumer market data 
miele syndication

With zoovu, Miele distributes its digital assistants in 14 product categories to over 250 retailers in 56 countries and 33 languages - in a single click!


  • maintaining the brand experience across retailers
  • increased conversion and higher customer satisfaction
  • reduced returns
  • valuable consumer and market insights
microsoft syndication

Purchasing a laptop is a complex endeavor. Microsoft syndicates zoovu assistants to over 30 retailers to help turn interested consumers into satisfied Microsoft customers: 57.6 CTR and 30% ROI in weeks.


  • helping shoppers find the perfect Microsoft office laptops
  • consumer persona data for targeted campaigns

The zoovu

Next-Generation of Channel Sales Optimization. Maximize revenue by syndicating digital assistants to channel partners.
Maximize reach:
60% increase in CTR

Reach and support consumers at the critical stages of their buying journey

Grow total revenue:
3x more sales

zoovu's optimization engine ensures consumers stay engaged and convert at a higher rate

Promote your brand

Build awareness, educate and influence consumers in discovery mode

Drive performance goals

Empower your retail partners with the right tools to help them sell more of your products

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