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"Zoovu helped Swisscom to not only deliver great service and an enhanced online experience to our customers but also allowed us to see results very quickly. Within 6 weeks, we could measure conversion rate uplifts averaging at 50%."
Nicolas Mériel, Senior Digital Strategist, Swisscom



Switzerland’s leading telecommunications provider is one of the most trusted and sustainable brands in Switzerland. Swisscom has been at the forefront of technological advances for more than 160 years. Today, the company offers a wide range of services – Internet, TV, telephony, and more.


The challenge

With a large, complex, and constantly growing product portfolio, Swisscom found that many of its online B2C and B2B customers were not aware of the full range of possibilities. The company embarked on a search to find a comprehensive technology that would simplify decision-making processes for customers, without generating high internal costs for their customers, operation, and maintenance.


The solution

Swisscom launched several digital assistants to educate customers and guide them to the perfect, personalized solutions across channels and digital touchpoints.


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