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How T-Mobile drove the conversion rate up by 500%

higher conversion rate than with static solutions
boost in customer engagement through improved personalization

"Expecting customers to manually sift through countless browser pages to find the right products is an outmoded concept. It’s slow, frustrating, and frequently ineffective."
Digital Category Manager for Accessories at T-Mobile


The challenge

Striving to deliver a more personalized and engaging customer experience, T-Mobile USA realized it needed to enhance its online shopping experience.


The solution

T-Mobile replaced its static product search with Zoovu digital assistants, leading customers through a series of questions matching them with the perfect products.

By integrating Zoovu digital assistants, T-Mobile wanted to move shoppers away from browsing and offer a quick, relevant product discovery experience based on their individual needs and contexts.


The key technological advantage of Zoovu is that it uses continuously learning algorithms to understand exactly how visitors enjoy the experience and how each question affects conversions and sales.

With this, T-Mobile was able to ensure optimal performance through continuous monitoring, customer engagement analysis, and conversation optimization.

The results

After implementing Zoovu, T-Mobile has seen a substantial lift in the number of people engaging compared to the previous, static gift guides; and those customers have also received more value from the experience, converting at a far higher rate.

"Customer engagement increased, and the conversion rate was 500% higher with Zoovu than with our static solutions."
Director, Digital Experience Management


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