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What do we do?

Zoovu is an AI-powered Conversational Search Platform that transforms product data into structured, searchable information so that businesses can deliver scalable consumer-friendly search experiences.

Search that understands your customers

Powerful search experiences aren’t just about good clean data, they also require structure and

Semantic Studio helps cleanse, enrich, and add contextual meaning to your product data, giving you greater understanding of each conversation and allowing for more impactful engagements.

Contextually engaging search experiences

Engaging with customers in a meaningful way is about connecting the right content to the right people at the right moment.

Conversation Studio helps you design, build, deploy, optimize, scale, and measure search experiences such as Digital Assistants, Visual Configurators, and conversational chats to drive real engagement at a human level.

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Why leading brands across the world use Zoovu

Scientifically Validated. Proven Results.
Consumers spend more time looking at your products.
Greater Engagement
Personalized advice is proven to increase sales.
Higher conversion
Dynamic sales conversations promote upselling and cross-selling.
Higher order value
Improving the customer experience
“As an electronic retailer, it’s important to take the complexity out of purchasing products and accessories. Our work with Zoovu, especially the creation of our Wellness Experience configurator, helps us make the customer experience better for everyone and drive conversion across our global network of retailers.”
Rafi Khusro
Global Product Marketing Manager
Crucial to e-commerce growth
“Our products require asking questions to ensure safety and compliance are top of mind: a normal web store can’t deliver that experience. Zoovu makes it possible for Ansell to match customers to the right products for their applications in context. It’s a significant part of our e-commerce growth journey.”
Chris Pieters
VP of Digital
Converting with confidence
"Microsoft believes in being customer obsessed and partner obsessed. Our partnership with Zoovu encompasses both of these tenants: we eliminate friction in the customer journey by addressing choice paralysis for consumers, and we help our retail partners market and sell our products more effectively."
Ram Iyer
WW Head of Digital Strategy & Online Experiences
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