Zoovu. The difference between acceptable and exceptional e‑comm results.

Zoovu’s platform combines the best of product discovery and customer engagement to drive transformational growth for B2B and B2C brands.

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Zoovu leads transformational growth for the world’s leading brands.

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Zoovu solves all your e-comm challenges

Create compelling engagement

Our no-code AI-driven platform and a suite of tools make it easy to build, design, deploy and manage helpful e-comm experiences. As your customers engage, the platform is continuously learning and optimizing. Watch your ROI and customer experience improve in real-time.
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Compelling engagement
intelligent search
Intelligent Search

Transform how products are discovered with natural language search.

ai guided selling
AI Guided Selling Assistant

Engage, educate and cross-sell buyers with our efficient no-code, AI assistants.

Product configurator
Product Configurator

2D & 3D life-like experiences highlight how all products work best together.

Streamline product discovery

Helping buyers find exactly what they’re looking for starts with the right data. We take in all of your product data – regardless of source and format – and clean, standardize and bundle it for consistency.

We then enrich it with syntax and contextual meaning from 10 years of experience and over 70,000 product categories to make your products discoverable in natural language and engagements.
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Streamline product

Personalized Shopper Insights

When buyers engage, our platform collects rich zero-party data to help you retarget, cross-sell and upsell. You no longer have to rely on fuzzy 3rd party data aggregation. Our demand generation solution allows you to ask for as much information as you need to help buyers find exactly what they want whether it’s on your site, third party sites, retailers or distributors.

All the information is yours to own.
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shopper insights

For B2C E-commerce Brands​

“I want to provide engaging and personalized product experiences to my shoppers”​

For B2B Manufacturers​

“I want to empower my team and partners to sell more of our complex products digitally”


Syndicate satisfaction and loyalty

Our platform delivers consistent buyer experiences across your distributed e-comm ecosystem. Your customers’ expectations will be met on third party sites, retailers, and distributors.

Wherever your customers engage – you can drop an engagement experience to drive brand loyalty and revenue.
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Customer Stories

If our customers succeed, we succeed.

A scaled solution for better product discovery and engagement.

go to market icon
Go-to Market 10x faster

Build and manage product discovery experiences through an easy to use, no-code, interface.

reduce workload icon
Reduce workload by 80%

Continuously update and improve experiences with Zoovu’s automated, AI-powered conversion optimization.

deploy 1000s icon
Deploy 1,000s

Scale your discovery experiences with Zoovu’s automated translation and easy deployment features.

enterprise ready icon
Enterprise ready

Adhere to enterprise performance and security standards. Zoovu is ISO-certified, SOC 2 and GDPR compliant.

Zoovu protects your brand and your data.

Robust Governance

Govern and control large multi-team initiatives (multi-locale and multi-language) so everything runs like clockwork.

Zoovu preserves the confidentiality, integrity and traceability of data through a combination of policies, procedures, and technologies such as role-based access control, versioning, and more.

Security & scale

Scale to support millions of buyers and grow your business. Zoovu is designed for massive scale, processing tens of millions of events per day with elastic scale, high availability, full redundancy and recovery, as well as regular penetration and security testing. Zoovu is compliant with the following industry standards:


Enterprise-grade support and reliability.

All of our clients receive dedicated account management, training and support, backed by an international support team, as part of our commitment to delivering exceptional service.

Seamlessly integrates with the technologies you use.