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Keywords don’t work. Conversations do.

The search experience is filled with technical jargon causing choice paralysis.
Have you ever considered Conversational Search?

What is
Conversational Search?

What, why, how?

Reduce choice paralysis for millions of shoppers
Drive conversion and accelerate channel sales
Access real-time buyer intent data
Power product discovery and higher AOV in days

Deliver what your customers want every time

Zoovu's conversational search platform and full suite of integrations allow teams to easily deploy AI-driven search experiences that delight and convert.

conversation designer zoovu
1/4 Conversation designer

Build click-based engagements from templates or create a fully interactive NLP experience with voice or text interaction all from one interface.

conversation optimizer zoovu
2/4 Conversation AI designer

AI-driven MVT & analytics to continuously optimize the conversation to ensure maximum conversion.

syndication zoovu
3/4 Channel distribution

Scale conversational search experiences across channel partners and maximize revenue wherever your customers are.

zoovu insights
4/4 Persuasion reports

Find out what your customers are interested in and what made them choose one product over an other.

Explore Zoovu’s AI conversational search platform

We help thousands of brands and retailers narrow down search to guide consumers to the perfect product

Why is traditional search not helping you convert?

Customers are overwhelmed by too many


Evolve your search from keywords to
intent based conversations

conversation based assistance = maximum results
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