Use AI to guide people to the perfect products every time

Zoovu’s AI understands everything about your products, guides visitors to the perfect items, and answers customer questions, all while doing months of manual work in hours.

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Put the world’s best salesperson on your site so you can start turning customers into fans

Recommend the best product to every customer, then tell them why it’s perfect

Build AI digital assistants that ask about a customer’s needs and preferences, scan all your SKUs to find the best match, and generate personalized product descriptions.
 recommend the best product

Have real-time conversations with customers about your products

Use Zoe, Zoovu’s generative AI product expert, to answer customer questions about products on recommendation pages, PDPs, and more

Create personalized product specs that every customer can understand

Zoe’s, Zoovu’s gen AI advisor, can automatically translate product specs from technical language into the descriptions that are personalized to the person viewing them.
 personalized product specs

Help customers build better bundles

Recommend your customers ultra-relevant and compatible products wherever they’re looking, including configurators, product pages, and in their carts, all powered by AI.
 build better bundles

Use AI to collect, clean, and classify your product data in
minutes—no matter how big or messy your catalog is

Collect your data

Scan PDFs, webpages, reviews, and other content (structured or not) to collect all your product data in one place

Clean your data

Correct spelling mistakes, standardize descriptions (like weight or currency), and fill gaps in your product data

Classify your data

Use technical product data to tag SKUs with needs-based categories that match what customers search for, like ‘good as a gift’ or ‘waterproof’

Connect your data

Create rule-based relationships between products to generate ultra-relevant and accurate bundling recommendations without manual mapping.

Maintain your data

Automatically update or add product data wherever it is in Zoovu without having to make multiple or manual changes
 collect your data
 clean your data
 classify your data
 connect your data
 maintain your data

Zoovu AI: Powerful. Practical. Reliable.

No hallucinations. Ever.

One of the best parts about Zoe, our gen AI-powered product advisor, is that the information it gives customers is never inaccurate or imagined. That’s because Zoe only uses the data in Zoovu’s Data Platform and the rules you set for it to talk about products and answer customer questions.

Endless SKUs. Endless possibilities.

The AI built into Zoovu’s Data Platform allows you to clean, enrich, and update data from a limitless number of products without spending all of your team’s time and money doing it.

Spark the joy of finding in your customers

Zoovu’s AI is used by millions of people every year to search for and discover the products and they need and want without scrolling through complex filters or endless rows of search results. It does this with actual customer input, not just behavioral signals, to guide customers to the right products. The result—happier customers who keep coming back to your brand.

How Canon used Zoovu’s AI to sell the right products more often

53% Increase in conversion rate
14% Increase in revenue
67% Click-through rate to product page
“As consumer needs changed, we adapted the assistant and re-launched it within 2 weeks. Usage skyrocketed.”
  • Canon


    With a mentality to “not sell any product, but sell the right product to each shopper”, Canon was eager to make it easier for their diverse and discerning audience to quickly discover the perfect products for their needs. The company was looking for intuitive ways to educate and inspire shoppers.


    With the help of Zoovu, Canon used real-time insight to address what consumers cared about most in the moment. The ability to act fast helped Canon to increase customer engagement and revenue.

    Outside view of Canon building

Frequently Asked Questions

AI models uncover the patterns indicating ideal shopper-product matches by analyzing product data sets, buyer attributes, and customer behavior signals. This instantly delivers suggestions relevant suggestions to each individual.

Beyond just filtering, our sophisticated models match shoppers to products in more advanced ways than rules-based engines can achieve. All to support revenue growth, a better customer experience, and customer loyalty.

Yes, Zoovu can personalize and streamline the buying experience, even for users who do not log in. By leveraging in-session behavior and zero-party data, Zoovu predicts visitor intentions and preferences, delivering personalized experiences from the first customer interaction.

Zoovu offers a range of personalization features to support the sales process, including AI-driven product recommendations, dynamic search personalization, zero-party data collection, CPQ options, and multi-channel personalization strategies that extend beyond the website to include email, social media, and more.

By providing highly relevant and detailed information, recommendations, and search results pages, Zoovu helps customers find what they’re looking for more quickly and easily anywhere, from web to mobile devices. significantly improving the likelihood of purchase and thus boosting conversion rates.

Yes, Zoovu is designed to integrate seamlessly with most platforms in the ecommerce industry. Our API-first, headless architecture allows flexible implementation and customization to fit your specific needs and tech stack.

Zoovu collects zero-party data directly from customers through interactive experiences, such as quizzes or surveys. This data is then used to personalize shopping experiences, making recommendations and content more relevant to customer requirements and preferences.

Absolutely. Zoovu’s ecommerce personalization platform is designed to cater to both B2B and B2C sectors, offering scalable solutions that can be tailored to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of each, from configurable products to quote generation and beyond.

While results can vary, many clients begin to see improvements in engagement, customer satisfaction, and conversion rates within a few weeks of implementing Zoovu’s personalized experiences.

Getting started with Zoovu is easy. Simply request a demo, and our team will guide you through the process, from integration to launching your first personalized experiences.