How to Turn Product Data into Profitable Product Content and Experiences

What is Product Content Enrichment?

Product Content Enrichment is the process of ingesting, cleansing, normalizing, and enriching product data, and information into 100% machine readable and accurate product content to deliver natural language product discovery experiences.

Any product content enrichment process requires access to ontologies that understands the relationship between a product and its content. A library of ontologies quickens the content enrichment process because its already identified and distinguished these concepts and relationships for a wide range of product categories.

Enriched content is used to facilitate content discovery experiences where customers can easily discover products and services through rich content and improved navigations in their natural language (i.e., how we communicate in conversation vs using product specifications and keywords).

Product Data and Information come in various formats and sources, like:

Visual product data
B2B safety helmet
B2C laptop

Every single SKU in a product catalog will have this volume of information that needs to be enriched to facilitate better discovery and buying experiences regardless of industry. When a SKU goes through the product content enrichment process, all of this information and data is harmonized and brings to life the benefit and value of the product.

Businesses cannot rely on manual product content management and enrichment to keep up and continually grow a repository of customer-friendly language associated with every SKU.

If a goal of your business is to provide customers with digital experiences to help them get they want with ease and precision, you must re-evaluate how you bring those to life. Evolving your digital properties into engaging, educational, and enriched experiences requires not only a new approach but implementing new technology to automate, optimize, and scale this process for maximum benefit.

How Zoovu Helps Implement Product Content Enrichment the Right Way

According to Edge by Ascential’s Future of The Digital Shelf 2021 report, driving product discovery through curation, based on shoppers and their needs, is “where retailers will focus their digital shelf efforts and innovation in 2022 and over the next few years.” The sooner you invest in AI-powered product discovery, the more accurate, up-to-date, detailed product content and the better personalized experiences you have to offer your customers.

There is no doubt that implementing a product discovery platform like Zoovu is a valuable investment for your business. Let’s dive into Zoovu’s best features so that you can get down to the details of planning your product content enrichment strategy.

Pillar diagram

1. Build a Solid Foundation for Success

Zoovu has been credited with turning trash data, a.k.a. inconsistent and incomplete product data, into enriched product content that is cleaned, accurate, meaningful, relevant, and machine-readable. It helps build a solid foundation for delivering powerful and personalized product discovery experiences for your customers.

Powered by AI, Zoovu automates identifying and extracting descriptive phrases from unstructured content and then using those phrases to enrich technical specifications. As the process happens automatically, you don’t need to depend on large data teams or do it manually. You can also reduce your workload, increase productivity, and save time and money.

2. Turn Enriched Product Content Into Revenue-Generating Experiences

It’s not just about showing how excellent your product is — it’s also ensuring customers understand the real benefits of your product and how using it can improve their lives. This is entirely possible with clean, enriched product content. 

Zoovu offers a set of AI-powered tools that allow you to build, design, deploy, and manage AI digital assistants like visual configurators, conversational assistants, and semantic search. Everything can be done quickly with Zoovu—no heavy-lifting or coding required. 

Think about auto-translating experiences into any language to scale globally and serve customers in their preferred language. Or recommending cross-sell and upsell products to the right audiences to increase AOV. Since leveraging these features, Zoovu customers have seen a 211% increase in conversion, a 98% increase in engagement, and 48X ROI after a few weeks.

3. Connect With Buyers Where They Are – 24/7

Zoovu goes beyond enriching your product data to help you reach customers at the crucial moments that influence their purchase decision-making. It tracks and analyzes billions of behavioral data points and interaction patterns to visualize how your customers engage and help you identify friction points. You’ll know what products and features drive purchase behaviors and how you can improve your product offerings and marketing efforts to boost conversion further.

Additionally, Zoovu’s “Build once, Deploy anywhere” approach and robust API allow you to deploy AI digital assistants across different channels. There are no limits to where you can embed your experiences. This means you can target multiple customers wherever they are at once without needing to run expensive re-development projects for every new touchpoint.

4. Reach New Customers and Drive Business Growth

As said above, managing product data using spreadsheets can be extremely tough. Imagine how long it takes for you to get a new SKU merchandised and ready to sell. You may have to wait for weeks (even months) to collect all the data, review, organize it, enrich it, and distribute it to channel partners. That doesn’t mention all the data risks you might face while doing the process manually. When all of these challenges are multiplied by all the new SKUs produced every year, the losses add up. 

But Zoovu makes it easy for you to sell your products and maximize ecommerce sales while preserving your brand integrity across channels. You can syndicate a complete brand corner with rich content and AI digital assistants to thousands of partners in different regions, markets, and languages—all managed from one platform and without the need for constantly filling in spreadsheets.

Lastly, Zoovu automates product data management, synchronization with your partners’ assortments, content updates, and optimization. Hence, you can scale up without increasing the manual work.

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