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Amazon Prime Day Shoppers Seek Less Choice, More Personalization

Thu, 06/27/2019

NEW YORK – June 27, 2019 – Zoovu, the leading AI conversational marketing platform, today announced the results of its newest research study, exploring the experiences of 1,000 U.S. consumers who are in search of the latest deal on Amazon Prime Day.

Since Amazon Prime Day launched in 2015, the annual global shopping event has evolved into a can’t-miss retail sales holiday. While consumers see immense value in Prime Day shopping, Zoovu’s data reveals that consumers feel as though personalization is lacking and that Amazon could be doing more to cater to their respective personas – whether that be the spontaneous, planned or thrifty shopper.

The Zoovu study found that 30% of Prime Day shoppers are frustrated by irrelevant product recommendations. Furthermore, 25% are overwhelmed by the sheer number of product options and are feeling the burden of choice overload. As Prime Day shoppers browse Amazon’s large product inventories, they are asking the retail giant to streamline the path-to-purchase through better product recommendations, ultimately cutting down on choice overload and improving the overall customer experience.

Key findings from Zoovu’s new study include:

  • Consumers struggle with product choice – 25% cited choice overload as a major pain point of Prime Day shopping.
  • Prime Day shoppers fit into different categories and require differentiated purchase journeys  29% are “spontaneous” shoppers; 24% are “planned/calculated” and 22% are “thrifty and are price conscious.”
  • Incentives drive the biggest turnout for Prime Day – 44% of Prime Day shoppers are making purchasing decisions based on price savings, while another 26% are enticed by expedited shipping.
  • Younger shoppers (18-24) purchasing decision habits vary – 31% of younger shoppers (18-24) seek more relevant product reviews while 44% of younger shoppers spend at least 30 minutes making a purchase decision.
  • Prime Day shoppers demand more visual options before making purchasing decisions – 14% feel that there is a strong lack of visual product components that allow them to visualize how an item will actually work/feel once they receive it.
  • Return habits vary – 40% of Prime Day shoppers have returned an item because it was defective, didn’t live up to expectations or regretted a spontaneous buying decision.

“The myriad of options available during Prime Day allows shoppers to explore countless products online. While the vast number of product options is beneficial, it can ultimately lead to roadblocks in consumers' ability to make a decision, better known as choice overload,” said Claudine Bianchi, chief marketing officer, Zoovu. “As consumer expectations continue to grow and alternatives with better consumer experiences are only a few clicks away, retailers and brands are encouraged to make personal assistance and guidance available at the right moment, just when consumers need it. This means understanding needs and using intelligence to provide personal, digital assistance in real time.”

Using Google Consumer Surveys, Zoovu surveyed 1,000 Amazon Prime Day shoppers about their shopping and browsing habits during Amazon Prime Day, which is rumored to be from July 15-17 this year. All respondents were located in the continental United States and included respondents aged 18 and up.

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